Do you want it

Song Description

This is an all around "make you move songs". this song is more about Lust at first sight.

Song Length 3:35 Genre R & B - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Engaging Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse1.There's no explanation for love its an infatuation, it's not a matter of who you chose, it's not your choice they come to you.
It's an instant connection follwed by an ongoing tension, If I had your number s baby then I would call, from the way your looking in my eyes I'm trying not to fall in love.
Chorus. Do you want it right, want me tonight, we could take it slow this could be our night
We could just dance feel this romance. Its all on the line this could be our chance, Hold me real close take me into you there's so many things that baby we could do, feel the energy its got ahold on me you drop me to my knees

Verse 2. threr's no stoping dont fight this attraction, with all this friction it causes a reation, Go ahead and do what you d, no matter where you move I got my eyes on you. You got me focused dont get me determined cause I'm a woman not easily discouraged
Go ahead and tell me what you meant by gazing in my eyes and nodding your head I felt

Bridge Baby, Baby i want you , Baby i need I need you
Baby i really wanna be with you just hold on tight this could take all night

Lyrics Nicole M.abdallah Music Nicole M. Abdallah
Producer Nicole M. Abdallah Publisher Nicole M. Abdallah
Performance Nicole M. Abdallah

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