Lorna Brooks has the kind of voice you would want to spend the rest of your life with - Record Mirror

Brooks is an accomplished guitarist, who is like a sultry Nina Simone, with the ability to hit a note that a young Streisand would be proud of, add a soulful helping of Jazz that to me is Lorna Brooks - www.rootsreview.co.uk

From the opening song, Lorna grabbed the audience with her exceptional, distinctive, powerful voice and delivery. She wooed the attentive listeners early on with a selection of her well known songs, such as the brilliant Tired, and held them in awe with an amazing, heartfelt rendition of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. " BBC website

With little more than a 12 string acoustic and a songbird sweet voice, Lorna delivers note perfect renditions of her own songs in a voice that soars and dips in a complex weave of melodies and harmonies. - Evening News


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Hi All 
I have recently written and arranged 11 new songs for my next album. Hoping to record this in May 2023. 
I then hope to tour this new album probably around UK or further afield if opportunities arise. 

Lorna's Bio

Lorna has opened for various artists including Loudon Wainwright III, Janis Ian, Michael Marra, Shawn Colvin, Martin Stephenson, Iris de Ment, James Grant, Sharon Shannon, Bert Jansch, Tuck and Patti and Beth Nilson Chapman also worked as a session musician with various artists including backing vocals for John Martyn.

However, after finding herself in the company of Eric Bibb one night and being invited to play some of her own songs on one of Eric's beautiful guitars, she couldn't resist. And here is when a beautiful union was forged. Hearing the thunderous applause in this hotel bar in Edinburgh, Eric asked her to play and play...

And so a relationship was born. Eric then asked Lorna to open for him at his show at the Queen's Hall in Edinburgh. Next, he brought his family up to Scotland for a few days so that he could take Lorna into the Sound Café Studios and record some of her own material and so came the beginnings of a new album. Eric accompanies Lorna vocally on the title track 'One More Time' and the blend of those two voices is heavenly.

The album also features Hilary Brooks (vocals and accordion) Lorna Thomas (bass) Keith Burns (percussion), Althea Stentiford (vocals) Allan Bertram (guitar) and Wendy Weatherby (cello)

Born in Glasgow - her mother a pianist and a music teacher and her father, who sadly was tone deaf but had a huge appreciation for music (especially jazz) and a very large record collection, influenced Lorna's early years and at quite a young age she grudgingly set off to piano lessons. Her love of music encouraged her to then learn trumpet and guitar. Not until she was in her twenties did she find her voice.

She has played trumpet in a punk rock band, performed in theatre throughout Europe, busked in streets in New York, written for theatre, lugged keyboards in and out of vans - maybe the cause of a prolapsed disc!! and the reason for taking up guitar which is much easier to transport whilst spending her life playing music.

Lorna has successfully released two previous albums 'Kowtow' and 'Just'

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Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago to Lorna Brooks

Nice one Lorna, "How about Love"
Not a lengthy Lyric but fairly strong!
Love your vocals, sung with heart and feeling!
A definite Album song!

John Walradt
over 30 days ago to Lorna Brooks

Since finding wonderful souls like Jim Aitken and Robert Quigley (Original Quigley), both terrific songwriters, I thought to listen to your songs. They are pleasant and delightful. I really like the lilting melody of what sounds like the blend of Joni Mitchell and Todd Rundgren on "It Can Change." You really know how to harmonize in enchanting and mesmerizing ways as in, "Don't Hide Your Eyes." I wish I could play guitar as well as you and Jim. I just use the guitar for composing. When you visit Jim, my favorite is "Drift Away." On Robert's, try "The Place That We Know," "Give Me Rain," and his personal "Grey." From the hot, bland city of Phoenix, John.

Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago to Lorna Brooks

Green Eyes is a good song. Very nice!
You have a strong and distinct vocals, from one Scot to another!

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