Well.......we finally made it to 2022,  and I really still don't care!!
Hopefully you never get this insect you are seeing........it's a Stink Bug and they are a Bitch to get rid of!!!

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WE are still alive here on planet Earth......traveling at 1.3 million miles per hour, theoretically thru the Cosmos, as the crow flies!!!

Oh, crap!!! That is Really, Really Fast...Buckle-Up!!
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Thanks for the stars for I Still Can't Draw (No Regrets)!

Thanks so much for the stars on my "Nearness Of You" Art and Margie....Stay happy and well! Penny

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Margie & Art, thanks bunches for liking my songs! It means a lot coming from experienced songwriters like yourselves!

2 weeks ago to Margie & Art Corey

Thank you so much for your uplifting review of Alien Knuckleheads. It is a political story...malin

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