Ante Novaselic is a guitarist/musician/songwriter/producer from San Pedro, Ca 

Ante was given a guitar and lessons on his 9th bday. He has been playing one ever since. 
As a touring musician Ante spent several years as a guitarist for hire playing and filling in with many different bands/artists known/unknown, on stages big and small, at home & abroad. 
Ante was introduced to the world of sync/licensing through a bandmate he played with who was getting hired to write music for various Indie projects, short films and youtube content.
Through trial & error, many rejections and much frustration Ante made slow but steady progress towards his goal and eventually landed his first placement.
Today Ante has over 400 placements and counting on many different channels/networks. His music can be heard on a growing list of TV shows & programs...

Latest News

Ante is currently working on his 3rd production music album (Acoustic Ambient) to be released by IFM Records (Invasion from Mars) for Apm Music the production music library giant. 

Very soon Ante will be releasing a song he wrote in collaboration with his longtime friends & collaborators: Jon Poli (Drummer/Percussionist) & (Vocalist/Songwriter) Scott Caudill. 
Downtown Trish should be here any day now!! 
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Jim Aitken
2 days ago to Ante Novaselic

Lovely sound, "Hometown"!
Has a vibrant air about it!
As if someone is making there way back home with a jaunty stride!
Nice sound of real instruments, if I am right.

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Ante Novaselic
1 day ago

Thank you Jim,You are 95% correct! Lol The only instrument that wasn't real is the drums. They were programmed, but that won't be the case moving frwd. Real drums or bust!! lol

Jim Aitken
2 days ago to Ante Novaselic

Absolutely love your "Downtown Trish"! Great the way it builds from zero to full flow. Great dance number!
I like that you have different genre in your Playlist.
Will listen to more!

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Ante Novaselic
2 days ago

Hi Jim
Thank you for the kind words. It means a lot man! I've always liked experimenting and working with people in different genres. Doing the same thing over and over kind of gets dull after a while, ya know? Creating music should be fun!
Thx again Jim

Going to listen to your music too


Partner, I loved it.....Downtown Trish.....

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Creepin is right on Ante! Very movie feelingness! Enjoyed it! Thanks! catnip=+=

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