5-Time Finalist in the 2019/2020/20212022 HMMA Awards Inductee: Kansas Music Hall Of Fame 2017 Top Finalist: "6-Pack Song Contest" "The Sands Of Time" #1-BJ:Earth 11/17 "I Was Dreaming" #1-BJ:Earth "If You See Kaye"-Best Song BJ-7/15 "I Know Who You Are"-Finalist/Toronto/Chicago IMSTA Best Song'15 "Tangled Up In You"-Best Instr. Song-June '13 "Waving Prairie"-Best Song April '12 "Jezebel"-Best Song Feb '12 "Electra"-Best Song Award August '11 "The Love I Want To Show"-Best Philosophical Song June '10 "Kilimanjaro Moondance"-Best Exercise Song Sept '09 "Spinning On The Time Loop"-Best Rock Song OCT '08 "Walking In Circles"-Best Lyrics June '08 "Waving Prairie"-Best Folk Song June '07 "Beijing Dawn" & "Serengeti Rain"-Best Songs: Music-Aide "The Last Riders On Rt 66" & "The Mother Road"-Grand Prize: Int'l Route 66 Song Contest. Chet was an "Opening Act" for: Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, Hot Tuna, Poco, The Dirt Band, Linda Ronstadt, B.B. King, John Denver, The Dead and more.

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2022-2023 Updates - VERY BUSY ye

Chet just released several new singles and numerous albums: 1 "Hollywood Altars" (a sonic bio of the perils and draws of Hollywood). 2. "Twilight Journals" 3. "Lumbering Mountain" (Solo-Americana) 4."The Ice Cream Man Review". 4 very different albums. Give them a listen and send your feedback. Visit: http://www.chetnichols.net

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Little Feat,Don Henley,BB King,The Eagles,Tim Buckley,Joni Mitchell, CSN&Y,Jeffrey Steele,The Band,Jimmy Reed,Dylan,Beatles,Stones,Kinks, Blake Shelton,Tim McGraw,The Byrds, Jeff Buckley,Lady Antebellum....

Chet Nichols Music Biography

Chet Nichols is an award-winning singer-songwriter, producer, recordist and instrumentalist.

Chet is an Inductee in The Kansas Music Hall Of Fame, joining Pat Matheny, Martina McBride, Kansas and others.

He has written hundreds of songs/compositions and has produced 30+ CDs of original material.

He recently pre-released, "Twilight Journals". In 2017, Chet released a new album, "Nazareth", in 2017 and "The Apocalypse" in 2016, which follows two, 2015, award-winning solo albums, "Bricks" and "Seeds". In 2015, Chet released the critically-acclaimed CD, "Beetles Are Coming", produced with Stephen Barncard. His songs, "Jezebel" and "If You See Kaye" won "The Best Song Contests" in July/June '15 at Broadjam". Chet has had hundreds of #1/Top 10 Internet hits. "I Know Who You Are" was the winner of the IMSA Global songwriting competition.

His CDs, "Beetles Are Coming", "Music From Trees", "I Was Dreaming", "Waving Prairie" & "Taxi To Tonganoxie" were selected inclusion on the Pandora playlists.

Chet released three new CDs in 2014, "I Was Dreaming", "Band In The Basement" and "Sunday Morning", which are follow-up CDs to his acclaimed CD, "Walking In Circles". The title tune won the Broadjam Lyric Writing Contest. His songs are blended with unique stories and folk, rock, jazz, blues and world music.

Chet's instrumental CDs, "Peak To Peak", "Red Mesa Sunset" and "Earthways" are New Age World Fusion and filled with award-winning songs. "Red Mesa Sunset" was selected as a Top Twelve CD by eMusic.com. "Earthways" was recently selected as a Top Twelve CD by eMusic.com.

"Serengeti Rain", was awarded a Top Award in the Music Aid Songwriting Composition. "Serengeti Rain" was featured at The LA Museum of Contemporary Art's Spring Event. "Beijing Dawn" was #1 on the American Idol Underground World Charts and was a finalist in the Music Aid Songwriting Composition.

Chet's song, "The Last Riders On Route 66", won the Grand Prize in the Route 66 Theme Song Contest. It was lauded as "the best new song about Route 66 since Bobby Troupe's 'Get Your Kicks On Route 66'. His song, "The Mother Road", won the Grand Prize in the Route 66 Theme Song Contest in 2012.

Chet is the author of the #1 classic blues songs "I Come From Chicago" and "I Am The Ice Cream Man".

Chet is also a published novelist. Currently, he has 2 novels, "The Last Riders On Route 66" and "The Children Of Pentecost" available as Kindle novels and available in hardbound and softbound formats.

Chet has toured extensively as an "Opening Act" for:

B.B. King
John Denver
The Jefferson Airplane
Jethro Tull
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Linda Ronstadt
Jimmy Messina
Timothy B. Schmidt
George Carlin
Steve Martin
Hot Tuna
Brewer & Shipley
Dan Hicks & The Hotlicks
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
It's A Beautiful Day
Pacific Gas & Electric
Jimmie Spheeris
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen
Mary Travers
The Charlie Daniels Band
Country Joe McDonald
The Grassroots
Mason Proffit
The Persuasions
Blue Oyster Cult
The Grateful Dead
Big Brother & The Holding Company
Leonard Nimoy
James Taylor
Bollo Sette
Southern Comfort
John Lee Hooker
The Chad Mitchell Trio
Roger McGuinn
Ian & Sylvia
Humble Pie
Modern Folk Quartet
Richard Pryor
Danny Cox
Biff Rose
The Guess Who
Steve Goodman
The Mary Clayton Band
The Kansas City Philharmonic ... and more

Chet has worked in studios with..................
Bill Bradley (Madonna)
Stephen Barncard (David Crosby)
Henry Lewie (Joni Mitchell)
Zakir Hussan (Ravi Shankar)
Fuzzy John Oxendine (Sons of Champlain)
Laura Allen (Laura Allen)
Buddy Cage (New Riders Of The Purple Sage)
Spencer Dryden (The Jefferson Airplane)
Nicky Hopkins (The Rolling Stones)
Dave Garabaldi (Tower of Power)
Pete Sears (The Jefferson Airplane)
Nick Gravenities (Big Brother)
The New Riders Of The Purple Sage
Jack Shoerer (Van Morrison)
Don Preston (Wings)
.....and more.

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4 weeks ago to Chet Nichols

Wow. You must have made a lot of money. You're real successful. Keep it up. Sylvia

1 Replies
Chet Nichols
4 days ago

SYLVIA, "Ha".... I did OK, but money is a fluid exchange and hard to keep....especially at my age. These days it is very hard to make a living in the music business...and even harder to make money unless you are touring....
BUT, I love it and keep on writing.... or MY MUSES begin wo whine and complain.

Anyway, I LOVE you music and voice.... wonderful...you are gifted.

Stop by and enjoy some of my newest offerings....especially, "Flying My Pyramid".... grab the headphones and sit back and TAKE the stick!


Hey Chet! Dizzy M d is great! I was right in the jungle! And I'm so glad about your voice! I've so enjoyed your compositions and glad to be a part of this party of love! catnip=+=

1 Replies
Chet Nichols
4 days ago

Stop by and enjoy some of my newest offerings....especially, "Flying My Pyramid".... grab the headphones and sit back and TAKE the stick!


Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to Chet Nichols

Hi Chet,
Thanks for a kind review of Only Getting High, glad you enjoyed it.
Great ideas for the bridge but, sadly, my vocals are quite restricted nowadays due to the impact of vocal cord problems a year or two back and the fact that I'm now quite an old sod! It is incredibly frustrating because it severely limits what I'm capable of singing which, in turn, limits my songwriting. Since a lot of the satisfaction for me is being able to do the whole thing myself, I am very reluctant to hand my song on to a demo singer. I'm not keen on paying out for a singer, however, it's something I will have to think seriously about in the near future.
Thanks again, very much appreciated.

Good luck,


2 Replies
Chet Nichols
over 30 days ago

Hey Bob,

NO problem, the song rings true.

Man, I know the whole vocal chord deal, first hand. After a bout with a strange pre-Covid virus that caused a bronchitus issue, it ATTACKED by vocal chords and paralyzed them one night. The next day, I could not sing. I freaked out. Fortunately, my doctor knew a specialist who worked with Sir Paul, Sir Elton, Robert Plant, Adele and Celine and others and we met and he said he had never seen anything like my voice issue. It was a long slow process back. I didn't know if I'd ever sing again. Then, after driving to work when I would pray the rosary, that night I had a dream where I was prompted to SING the rosary to the Virgin Mary, starting off in my low register and moving up and down the scale. Within a couple weeks, my voice came back. These days, it is very solid and strong. Don't know that you are a believer, but I don't think you need to, just ask the Virgin Mary for help. She is very kind.

Anyway, I liked the song.

I wrote one a couple years back after seeing so many of my friends passing from drugs (I worked with MANY "Name" artists). Then, after seeing the Philip Seymour Hoffman died from a overdose. This song won many song contests, but I could never get it placed because it is TOO real. These days they wants beats, beats, beats....airy, repetative vocals.....blah, blah, blah.... with happy, undefined, ambiguous lyrics...

Anyway, yove to hear your thoughts on this one.



https://www.chetnichols.net/single- the-needle-in-his-arm

Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago

Hi Chet,

Fascinating recovery, wow! You were certainly fortunate to get your full range back. That's what comes of knowing good people - and believing. Not sure I qualify for that remedy?!

I like Needle In His Arm, it's very authentic and has an unorthodox chord sequence which took me a little time to get my head around. Once I'd mastered that it all fell into place beautifully. Yes, a good song indeed.

Keep them coming,


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