Are You So Sure Instrumental

Song Length 5:12 Genre Unique - Soundtracks
Era 2000 and later

Violin is it. The beginning of it can definitely go into a horror movie.

Beautiful piece. Haunting and melancholy is set up perfectly with the delicate piano motif. The build with drums and accompaniment is effective and moves the piece forward. The guitar part interjects some intensity juxtaposed to the rest of the piece. The weeping guitar parts add to the overall feeling. The occasional major chord is a nice touch/surprise. The up-tempo section towards the end is interesting too... and a modulation to boot! Well-conceived piece. Great job!

This is not your ordinary background music. Right from the start, it commands the listener to actively LISTEN. There is so much to hear. There's a sweet, soaring violin, terrific vibrato. Lovely and sometimes driving piano. Passionately played guitar leads. Sensitively placed drum tracks. Everything builds nicely and the ending is superb. Five minutes of greatness. If any of this was created on a synthesizer, it totally fooled me. So much emotion and depth of feeling was packed into this piece. Bravo! I loved it.

Lyrics Jay Gross Music Jose Gomez
Producer Jay Gross/Michelle Foster
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