I'm a singer/song writer living in New York.  I'm influenced by a lot of artists through a broad spectrum of genres including The Beatles, Steely Dan, Klaatu, The Bangles, Buddy Rich, The Monkees, and Film & the B.B.s to name a few.  I like to write and record anything that fits the mood I'm in.

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Laurie Swyers
2 weeks ago to Nan Michaels

very nice love Drift Away

2 weeks ago to Nan Michaels

Thank you so much, Nan, for the stars on"Betrayal ~ with Trinity"; we appreciate you stopping by and for your support!

Suzy Haworth
over 30 days ago to Nan Michaels

Hi Nan,
Thank you for friending me and giving "Send Back My Heart " and "Broken" such a great review. I can see that we have much in common. My influences are very similar to yours and I write what comes out! Have to been to Australia Nan? let me know and come visit me if you get here one day. I am so pleased to meet someone with eclectic tastes as well. Hope to get to listen to all your songs , am recovering from Covid at the moment and my Mareema/Belgium Shepherd cross besty "Flossie" is here in the studio with me now. She loves music and we have played some of your tracks we both enjoyed very much . Anyway Nan back to bed for me . Once again thanks for taking the time to listen, much love Suzy

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Suzy Haworth
over 30 days ago

Hi Nan, Congrats with your signing with MOTS. I have 8 tracs with 8 instrumental versions with them. We shall be able to compare notes!!! If somebody out there pushing our music we at least have a chance!!!! Cheers Suzy

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