Tom Myron's "... luminous, magnificently crafted music" is being championed by orchestras, classical and jazz instrumental soloists, filmmakers and choreographers across the U.S., Great Britain and Eastern Europe.

Legendary composer and guitarist Fred Frith writes- "Tom Myron's music... really knocked me out - it's such a personal and unlikely combination of approaches, and they all hit the spot every time. Breathtaking?"

Rob Barnett of MusicWeb.UK writes that Tom Myron?s music ?has?vigour and the power to delight and to shake complacency?. Ned Rorem writes that Tom Myron's music "... is real music- and, for some reason, very American.?

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Kevin C. Myron
Beacon Communications
1753 Beacon Street, Number 2
Brookline, MA 02445


The ocean, the seasons, light on water, old American hymnody and prison work songs, my daughter.


Tom Myron (American composer b. 1959 Troy, NY) lives in Northampton, Massachusetts with his wife, Smith College Museum of Art director Jessica Nicoll, and their daughter, Vivian.


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Enjoyed this pieced I wish you much success.

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kev-guy sent me...lmao! Sweet piece of music, my Brother!

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omg so beautiful

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