Wisconsin Indie Rock artist, Leah Brooke, is an artful arranger of poetic oddity. Brooke's lyrical compositions are disenchanted portraits of the world around her studded with dry wit and gentle sarcasm. Brooke's haunting vocals saturate each song leaving listeners suspended in a state of wistful longing. Her latest album, Royal Jelly, is formed essentially from acoustic and electric guitar foundations backed with a mixture of additional production techniques that move between traditional bass guitar and drums to electronic elements, beautifully bound together by Brooke's moving vocal performances that, at times, reach an ethereal status.

Sounds Like: Kimbra, Lorde

Latest News

Solo Album, Royal Jelly, scheduled to come out February 5th 2016!

Leah, Brad and LOURAH

Brad and I have been playing around Wisconsin and Illinois for about five years. We recently formed our band,Lourah, and just finished our first album, Leah of Lourah. I'm not too concerned with creating music with mainstream or commercial appeal, i'm much more interested in developing my own personal style, and hopefully building a following of people who enjoy my quirky music!


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She has a beautiful clear voice, and a talented artist

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vacuos mind-i really like that song-see ya-joe.

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