Let me check the bank. Can past original songs find new life for TV and movies? Let us check the bank....

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There is a 4 song EP just released near the end of 2017 now in the coming months, multiple videos will go along with them, and we have 7 more songs to finish mixing down for release in 2018.

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Magictonez are songwriters and performers. Practicing at open mic nights and playing songs to people in several parking lots is just a couple reasons why they are not normally functionable. The test fo using offbeat lyrics and raw acoustic and beautiful melody, confuse and attract many musicians. The genre is very mixed and unpredictable. Andrew Herman and Dennis Farley share the stage with vocals and performance. Hard to tell who is running the show. Guest performers are known to be in and out of the studio as well as the stage. Catchy songs and touchy songs mix to keep any listener ready for more. The best desciption of the Tonez, would be a mix of Paul Simon and Andy Kaufman.

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Martin Gate
over 30 days ago to Memorybank


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Rising Star Underground Radio

Signal 30
over 30 days ago to Memorybank

Thank you for your kind review of our song Say Herrah! I do plan to add vocals to it but just didn't get around to it yet! Thanks again, Rusty and Spark (Signal 30)

Ian Ritchie
over 30 days ago to Memorybank

Hi, thanks for the great review on "Cry Of The Vikings" it's humbling and appreciated!

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