I am a songwriter and musician. With Sue Jones and other musicians I create folk songs, acoustic instrumentals and some "mood" music with electric guitars.

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I wrote a new song and played guitar and bass on this track. Sue Jones sang both vocal parts. I hope you like it.

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Lost @ Sea
over 30 days ago to Jim Reedy

Loaded tons of originals in hopes to spread the love of music created over 25 years with over 50 musicians!

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Hart Brothers
over 30 days ago

Thanks RBq for your generous review of our song Downsizin Blues.

Ionut Mirel Udrea
over 30 days ago to Jim Reedy

Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and rate my new song!
Your support is much appreciated.
All the best!

Jim Reedy
over 30 days ago to Jim Reedy

I really like the new song, Ionut.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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