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Whats up everyone, This Is WISH.
I havent been on in a LONG minute. Im back, makin more music and better than ever.

If you need me, hit me up at


"One of the hottest un-signed artists to come out of the Midwest in a very long time. WISH is Oh-So versatile when it comes to the sounds he creates. Truly making him a one of a kind Artist! With styles ranging from "grimy" street tracks that tell the tales of true life to "bouncy" club tracks and even R&B sounds, to sometimes even hardcore rock tastes.

WISH has steadily proved himself over the 8+ years he has been in this business. Without a manager, record label, financial backer and so on... He has earned himself at least 10+ shows every year at some of the Top and Premier venues in and around the greater Louisville, KY area.

With 3 underground CD's under his belt and a retail ready Album in the works, people have no choice but to accept him as a Major Factor in the Hip-Hop scene locally, regionally, nationally, and world-wide.

Several DJ's are currently spinning tracks of WISH'S at local showcases and concerts. In which he also has become a part of by almost regularly performing at.

Respect is a hard thing to get and come by when you're in this business says WISH, But I'm slowly gaining and earning it. People know who I am, They know what I do... It's just up to them what they're final decision will be.

Today... WISH still strives to make it to the top & mainly on his own. "It's all I've ever had in this and all I can really trust right now" says WISH.


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