Dh6 Productions Presents...THE THOUSANDS!

This is it! This is THE THOUSANDS! With the release of Circulation in the spring of 2003, fans of fascinating rhyme vocals and exotic trip hop downbeats were treated to a feast of fourteen uniquely performed and arranged tracks ranging from lush orchestral instrumentals to grittier rhyme laced soundscapes.

The Thousands are M-Flo and Plovo and Dh6 Productions serves as their own label and publishing company operating just off the boulevard in Hollywood, California. Nine of the tracks featured on Circulation (www.cdbaby.com/thousands) have been licensed by MTV for use in their reality television programs while the entire album was contracted by Biohazard Productions to soundtrack a documentary to be released in early 2004. With an exciting stage show and a vast network of fans and friends throughout the country, The Thousands have brought a new brand of psychedelic hip hop to the listeners. Dont Sleep...

The Thousands look to m
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