The Scandal

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rap - Alternative, Rap - Progressive
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Troubled, Depressing Subject Arrogance, Life
Similar Artists The Dust Brothers, Beastie Boys Language English
Era 2000 and later



Chorus?if it's you then it's me, hysterical industry, the struggle they can't see it's just him and me?it's what happens behind the scenes pushing these movements through society, Los Angeles is scandalous...

v.1 (M-flow)
Blind/ stumble in like a rolling boulder
My mind sinister from the weight on my shoulders
Climb bare-feet so my toes can bleed
Extract the toxin detox what you see

Blister me Red Indian
Ripped through thick skin chameleon
Heard the voice sat down to start the session
She reached in ripped it out without question

v.2 (Plovo)
Let's press the pedal to the metal, oral canvas like an eggshell
Splash lyrics from the ink well
Word showers from the bell tower
For hours on end, gripping the pen and splitting the skin on fingers 8,9, and 10
Then pluck twelve verses, write them incursive on your spleen
Click goes the magazine, I've had enough of bad routines
Seeing the other side, stack the facts against the lies
Amazed and hypnotized, get praised and criticized


v.3 (M-flow)
Verse 2
Woke up naked in a puddle of blood
Mud packed ears now deaf and dumb
Fear the nightmare of forgotten children
Fight the night and can barely hear them

Rapid storyteller crackle of the fire
I hide in the flames spiritual asylum
Euphoric pain rushed nailed a cross
Blood stained earth mental holocaust

v.4 (Plovo)
This necessitates the nativity of entirely new nucleus
Do this in fifty ways that no one else is doing this
The ruins of the decadence, no proof, I'm gonna question it
Best to be Tim Leary of these illogical theories
The clock ticks and midnight falls, steadily bent for the curtain call
Free basing on creation, cremating the equations, get lost in the rotation
Tried to bring the static, but I had to change the station


v.5 (Plovo)
I pour the fluid and ignite
Get used to it
I like to go pyro when having to deal with duplicates of useless shit
I'm coming around the bend, I'll be there in an instant
Cause matching wits with you is like arm wresting an infant
With vertical stacks, exact attacks at the norm
Storm the soundscape with a profound plate of pertinence
The more I hit the worse it gets, damage becomes permanent
Wet tongues and lips, dripping with bloody verbalness
The lies you spit, will get you wrecked and bruised by led pipe text might that I use
To spread the news over the airwaves, don't sleep I'm in your stairway
Ready to abuse all equals sequel and this is fair play
When you're dealing with a long shot, standing in the background of the wrong lot
Tying to rise to the top like Pelligrino bubble trios
But we know, my flow is like El Nino in a bottle
Pop the cap and pull the throttle,
Take the lead, you better follow

v.6 (M-flow)
And in the end it's a loss
You flaunt what you gotÖ so you can cross it off
If it's bad, you could split and you could call it off
Suicide is sick the homicide pays off

Front if you want/ run and hide
You could change your mind twice and try to throw me off
Balanced /sunk deep/ full-steam ahead
A shiver to your chin cuz with a blow to the head

Stuck and bled/ fin-hook to my chin
Anger enfuego the battle begins
Under your skin deep blue as the veins
Diver downÖcorroded the brain

Tissue-they-miss you much more in your head
Life will continueÖ the meek will get shred
Inherited by alcoholics and freaks
Only a spear through my soul brings the flow to my knees


Lyrics Peter Lovo, Mike Flowers Music Mike Flowers
Producer Mike Flowers Publisher dh6 productions
Performance The Thousands Label Dh6 Productions
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