Song Description

Introspective lyrics over a well balanced sonic landscape of piano, trumpet and booming percussion.

Song Length 2:37 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Tense Subject Evolution, Drugs
Similar Artists Cypress Hill, Digable Planets Language English
Era 2000 and later


I've owned a thick shield of minerals since birth
contemplating the earth, my place and it's worth
spent years and years remembering words
through a nonverbal drama, submerged in the suburbs
defining the space in the thousands of ways
that my mind's been infected by the media frenzy blaze
It's hard to keep my grill chill and hold my tongue back
it requires tubes of freon through the spine of my back
or heat will attack and I pack a full of stack of lashings for your back
with liquid witchcraft
better breathe and get back, assess the activity
thinking before speaking is a tough personality
I avoid the human tradgedy, self conducted assault
and hold myself hostage by a maximum strength bolt
on a top shelf raptor, red aluminun towers
and shift into monomagnetic meteor shower

Tongue is sore and sour, been folding filthy rhymes for the past seventeen straight hours, now the trick is to empower
my lungs with enough oxygen for the next run
sit back and try to check 1, 2
news from the front lines, time bombs tick and you don't want mine
to go astray, cause it's a long ways from Munich to L.A.
global eloping can assist in thought provoking
I'm droppin' gifts off for the cause, call me new chemical Santa Claus with a bleed through imagination that sees through
your fabrications
had to resist it, simple logistics made it senseless
ever since the stint, certain things get resisted
it's obvious that you missed it
and that's why my ass I wipe with a lot of the emcees that you like
there's a need to fight for certain views that are observed
because purple bruises can say a lot more than words
what needs to be accepted is that everything's acceptable
to an extent, except for simple mental obstacles
don't be responsible for copping anything that's possible
I've got a pocket full of small synthetic droppablesYou need to set aside some hours and devour the truth
underneath the surface, there's more than ample proof

Lyrics Mike Flowers/ Pete Lovo Music Flowers and Lovo
Producer Flowers Publisher Dh6 Productions
Performance The Thousands Label Dh6 Productions
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