Song Length 4:00 Genre Rap - Alternative, Jazz - Fusion
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Cool, Peaceful Subject Dreams, Evolution
Similar Artists Digable Planets, The Dust Brothers Language English
Era 2000 and later



v.1 (M-flow)
The growth rate of the masses has stunted my oath
I abuse as much as most hold not much close
Feel the claws dug in by folks too close see
...act without consequence a full response

Release the flocks/which ones flies
True shit-sticks to the fan to spray the time wise
Even a broke clock is right 2 times a day
To glide in you say what is necessary to say

Glide thru and pray as minds swept away
Stay close to the earth...mothers immortal church.
Sung hymns from grass roots with sunk boots
Hypnotism altered my brain & left screws loose

Reform within /legislate yourself
Minds shelved and delt sponge yourself its felt
A mortal being effervescent and ever seeing come back like...Cupid shootin six pistols and saber beams

v.2 (M-flow)
Destiny manifest-this blissful hiss
Preface the fortune within a selfish abyss
Stung from one chord shocked multiple viens
Drippin oral liquid spew-view in hydroplained

GLIDE blink blind as the time passed me bye
Wink as the moments erupt-illuminant sky
Detect the warped world travel time arise
Corrupt plan from mortal prisoner a long side

Glide in and out of the vibes that slides bye
Glide around the edges of the crust in your eye
Glide across seven seas of stars on light beams
With chards of steel-slicin real-hard for what life means.

Step or stumble, hollow humble, we follow through
We beg of the right rhythm and yearn for the life in em
Strike with the right venom entice the right sinners
Attacking-outta-the hole...seize minds control bender

v.3 (Plovo)
You better check the elements
Or stay confined to Stupid or maybe your brain resides in the wastelands of Jupiter
Thatís heavyweight and due to stress
Canít be impressed by the intruders, disrespect gets met by the maneuver
To do or die, pickle the culprit for an alibi
Validate the proof for a pessimistic battle cry
They try to float their fallacies
But theyíre full of bullet holes and other several complex abnormalities
Gradually, time unfolds, cold winds blow
False anecdotes get branded as the only chance for those
Stuck in their way and getting played out
Theyíll never find their way out
Some who tried were told that they should stay out
And now the deal is sealed
Peak the dosage, keep the focused diagnosis on the pill influenced chills
If itís real, then fill the bag with all of it
Iíll take it before they ban it and make fresh criminals of all of us

v.4 (Plovo)
Every day, starting today, things will be different
Precipitation is rigorous, giving the river itís flow
The smog goes away
Sunlight shines bright, illuminates the new day
We proceed to do a disservice to the nervous factories
Plastering fear across the hotline
At the same time, cashing in
Receiving devious kickbacks from mischievous friends
But that all ends now, Incite the crowd to make moves to higher ground
Those wet behind the ears should expect to get a towel
Dow Jones could be dethroned
No one goes home tonight without having been shown the light
Cash money is the root of all these wars we fight
Iíll wipe the slate clean
Terminal verbal vaccine
No one over reacting
The last thing we need is to feed further hostilities
And eye for an eye and tooth for tranquility

Lyrics Peter Lovo, Mike Flowers, Nick Campisano Music Mike Flowers
Producer Mike Flowers Publisher dh6 productions
Performance The Thousands Label Dh6 Productions
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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