Terese Millhouse is an international songwriter and singer from Tasmania, in the style of Kate Miller-Heidke, Sarah McLachlan and Delta Goodrem. Terese has signed two single-song contracts with Canadian American Records (for A Girl and Her Soldier), and Linnette Harrigan Media in New York (for Love Has Gone), and her musical influences include Pink, Stevie Nicks, Evanescence, Sia, and Labrinth. Terese lives by her saying: Music Is Love is Life!

Quote from Allan Rich (hit songwriter and two-time Grammy, Golden Globes and Academy Awards nominee) on original song Bare, written and performed by Terese Millhouse:

"Her voice haunted me. Part of the thing about the song (Bare) is her vocal was so beautiful and it worked so well with the sentiment of the song that I think that I actually was drawn to her vocal as much as I was to the song. She really touched me with the sound and the emotion in her voice!" 16/5/2013

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17 June 2013: My song Bare was a semi-finalist in the Song of the Year 2013 songwriting contest! This is the highest placement next only to the winner and the four finalists in each category! Award can be viewed here: http://songwritingcontest.songoftheyear.com/teresemillhouse.html
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Terese Millhouse
over 30 days ago to Terese Millhouse

Hi all! It's been a long time since I've been on Broadjam. Wanted to check back in and say hello to everyone! I've been writing and recording new music, very slowly mind you. I have mostly been preoccupied with looking after my husband who is very unwell with a degenerative illness. So I don't get to focus on my music or other people's music as much as before. Everyone on here seems to be going well and continuing on nicely with their music as well which is good to see! I will post new songs as soon as they are ready :-)

Love this song.

over 30 days ago to Terese Millhouse

hey T--just stopped by to see what SHADE you were today!--cheers--joe.---pretty cool picture/album cover!

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