SusieCool is a singer/songwriter who tickles her audiences funny bones with her "slightly" twisted sense of humor. She brings an island flavor to the music, and leaves you laughing.

SusieCool songwriter history

SusieCool played in several bands, most notably an all-Female Top 40/Reggae band in Jamaica called "PEP", and then "WOW". She also had a brief stint in a Tampa all-female Reggae band called "Lioness", and a multi-cultured Orlando band named "Melange". She also spent a while on the Orlando convention circuit, playing with various Island band ensembles.

She decided to go solo in March of 1999, and has been playing open mics and various acoustic gigs ever since. She has written over 260 songs, and is currently performing about 80 of them live. Her Song "Computer Love" that she wrote with Co-writers Chelita Martinez and Kent Trewick (her husband) has been getting lots of good feedback from her audiences, (and even some airplay). It is a Reggae, and has a DJ named Mr Mystic adding his unique touch.

"The Mambo Song" is a crowd pleaser that often gets audiences involved in a large conga line. Susie's intention is to entertain and uplift her audiences, hopefully get them dancing, and have them leave in a happy mood.

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