Joey Hatcher's debut album, MUSIC IN MY HEAD, features a dramatic collection of both soaring and intimate songs. The music style can be described as melodically and lyrically driven alternative/pop with folk influences. With the help of Grammy Nominated Music Producer Rick Chudacoff, MUSIC IN MY HEAD has a good mix of depth and width to the album as there are both carefully crafted singer-songwriter songs for the more serious/sophisticated listener, alongside the more upbeat catchy tunes that would have a greater appeal for the casual music listener.

UPDATE APRIL 5th: "Before We Knew Who We Were" received "Runner Up" placement in the 2013 International "Song of the Year" Contest.

"Joey's music attracts the listener's attention with soft, pleasing melodies, sincere vocals and a strong emotion that flows through the songs..." - Eva Jostakova of "Music Gets Me By"
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