Lover's Rock

Story Behind The Song

Just a song about reconciling. Not to take each other for granted in a relationship

Song Description

A song about making up after a bad day (You can fuss and fight tomorrow)

Song Length 4:35 Genre World - Reggae/Carribean, Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Disconcerted Subject Making Up, General
Similar Artists Ziggy Marley, The Eurythmics Language English
Era 2000 and later


Lover?s Rock

© 4/2002 Susan Foster-Trewick, Lisa Firestone E mail:

A Bm A Bm
This is a lover's rock for you
A Bm A Bm
Slow and sweet mek de music move you
A Bm
Lover's rock tonight,
C#m D A
We can fuss and fight tomorrow
Forget all your sorrow
A Bm
Refrain Wa didi bye wa didi di bye bye (x4)

F#m C#m
Br You had a lousy day, nothing went your way
Now it seems like you want to fight
That?s not the man that I know, when we met you loved me so
F#m C#m D E
So let's be nice, and get naughty tonight

CHORUS, Refrain x4 Drum and Bass
SOLO (Bridge melody), Refrain X1 Acapella, CHORUS

Br At the end of the day, you come home and say
?I want salt fish and my ackee?
You may think you?re the boss, but my minds at a loss
I am your goddess, not your lackey

CHORUS: (Rhythm only on Lovers rock tonight)

Wa didi bye wa didi di by bye (x4)
(Acapella) Wa didi bye wa didi di by bye

Lyrics Susan Foster-Trewick, Lisa Firestone Music Susan Foster-Trewick, Lisa Firestone
Performance SusieCool guitar and lead vocals, Vick DeGiorgio Bass, Stuart Hall mandolin and backup vocals, Mandala backup vocals, Bill Wuerfel percussion.
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