Evolutionary Tendencies II

Song Description

A trancier sequel of my previus song with the same name :)

Song Length 3:50 Genre Electronic - Trance, Electronic - Dance
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Vocal Samples
Mood Composed, Peaceful Subject Life, Evolution
Language Swedish Era 2000 and later


"Those who join us need only give up only half of their humanity- the illogical, ill-tempered, and disordered half, commonly thought of as 'right-brain' functioning. In exchange, the 'left-brain' capacities are increased to undreamed potentials. The tendency of Biologicals to cling instead to their individual personalities can only be attributed to archaic evolutionary tendencies."

excellent work

nice composition...i dug the overall sonic quality and textures of the tune.

Wow, this is a great example of a relatively simple musical progression that does not get old or boring throughout the entire piece. Very nice layering of instrumental tracks. I really liked the thematic change at approximately 1:22, and then the primary progression rreturned in full force. The minimalist lyric line and voice quality were very effective.

What a great intro, I was hooked not knowing what was coming next. I love those short spoken vocal interludes, which add light and shade. Really well programmed,produced and mastered. Great dance music and best of all great fun. Clever ending too.

Enjoyed this song very much. Great dance groove.

This sounds like a great song for a sound track to a movie or backing music for a tv show. I dont see it as a song that would be commercially huge but for what it is aiming for it is a great peice of work

I not fan of electronic trance...that is until now. A pulse pounding electrically eclectic beauty, there is so much to this song. Although I've heard this beat style, this one is almost unique. The lead notes on the keys run, dance and weave in and out and all about the root beat. There is a fine seductiveness just in the instrumental tracks alone, but wow...add that vocal and have it baby!
Haven't got up and grooved to a tune in a while. This one will have everyone the dance floor chillin' and maxin'. I will have to listen to more of this artist.

I really enjoy the music and being as i am a pianist i enjoyed the chord structure reminded me of I Will Survive awesome arrangement keep it up

Quality of mix is excellent and the samples are cool and sexy. Quite the dance song for the ages with a touch of the dramatics....Nicely done

Thoroughly enjoyed listening through this tune! IT grooves like crazy. I like the shift just after 3:10 where the layered instrumentation changes timbre. This could easily find a place among popular EDM. It's catchy in it's musical progression, and a perfect rhythm/tempo for club dance. This reminds me a little bit of sandstorm by darude. Great work!

The softly speaking female voice is sensual. As a discotheque piece, it's refined and classy, with interesting harmonic passages. I wouldn't be able to listen until the end, otherwise - it being not one of the genres I frequent spontaneously.

Is a great song, it has the rhythm and the sound of the authentic European trance of the golden age

I like the beat and the sound of the keyboard and the special effects sound very cool.

Great dance record..A lot of progression. A definitely club hit. Love the Euro-feel to it. Sounds like a updated version of Kraftwerk.

Great mix!! Sounds really good... the dynamics are very good on this song, it's very active and engaging.. cool stuff

Real nice up beat vibe. Takes me to the club where you can dance all night. Like the spoken word as a nice layer for mystery and intrigue. I like the the way it ends too with the low boom. That adds gravity to the light and airy feeling to the tracks. Good job with that. Hoping to hear more from you in the future :)

I like to listen to this kind of electronic house music when I am organizing my pancake mix collection; getting my purple light bulbs all in order ... this music is perfect for me! Like the female vocalists sings, "Come with me..." ... she wants only the orderly stuff of my life ... she's a Vulcan or humanitarian I guess. This is a nice track. Me and my parrot were swaying back and forth when we listened to this.

nice steady groove here like the vocal too

I really love the song and the song's instrumentation is fantastic! Very cool perspective you have. :)

This song grabs you and doesn't let go. Great beat. Well-produced and performed. High-energy but repetitive, yet the song could easily have been twice as long.

good dance stuff. i liked the presentation

Love the sound get ready DJS !

Has a Tangerine Dream feel.........very cool, maybe a tad dated, but would still work in a Movie Sound track or a Sci Fi........so what the heck do I know?? Love to hear more from this group!!!

Great use of synth. Samples are clean and well organized. Great mix and song flows well.
Obviously a professional producer's song with this sort of quality. Great job. Sounds great and not to much repetition.

It is very difficult for me to listen to this piece of music, it pulsates in a way that makes it hard to breathe. It may just be my problem - others may not be bothered by the pulsation, but to me it is almost painful. I can not hear the lyrics, which are spoken, not sung, by a rather pleasant, female voice. It is not my kind of music, but I appreciate the effort.

Whoa, very powerful electronic sound. Love the vocals! Very nice pitch and mood. Mixed very well. A lot of ambiance and air between my speakers. I don't listen to this genre regularly but I can certainly determine talent which is demonstrated both in the composition and in the recording.

Very nice. Well done. I was initially going to pass on this song selection, as it is not a genre I would usually listen to BUT the song caught my ear and drew me in, and I ad to listen to the end. Bravo to you. Good sound quality. Like how artist ended it as well.

This is the first time I have ever listened to Electronic Trance music...and you didn't succeed in getting me into a trance, but I enjoyed what I heard. This is a very high energy, driven track with spoken word infused at the intro and a few places throughout the song. "Those who join us...give up ill-mannered, illogical and disordered...right brain." That's what I picked up...pretty creative stuff.

Chords a bit standard (e.g. Pet Shop Boys - it's a sin), but you get away with it because it is just sooo smooth!
great big chopped trancy melodies, nice pumping side chain compression effect

Nice upbeat piece.

music is clear represent genre well

it took quite a while to get moving but I really like it

Very pleasing chord progressions and an accomplished blend of instrumentation which really fits well in the genre (Trance). You've incorporated some nice builds and releases and there's just the right amount of reverb.

Good movie track. Great ending.

Good dance beat...very sexy... very hooky...very contemporary.
The lyrics are mysteriously futuristic. It's very catching!

Good Job! =)

Bet you are too young to remember Kites by Simon Dupree or Wild World by Cat Stevens. The tune is very much Wild World but it works brilliantly. This starts off fantastic and I thought I was looking at straight 5's but by the end I had reservations that made some 4's as you will see below. Kites starts with wind noise in a similar way in case you wonderred.

The production of this track is excellent. Sounds like something you would hear at any dance club, very catchy. This chord progression provides a nice backdrop to everything else in the track. It's The spoken lines that are repeated through the piece add a mysterious quality to the track.

Nice vocal sample, isn't overused.

Love the feel of this song! Well done and thanks for sharing.

THIS COMPOSITION IS JUST EXCELENT!--I enjoyed every bit of it--such a nice feeling to it--thank you--joe.---it takes you on a little journey--which is really neat!

a very good dance trance song. the music was good , and professional. the voice overs sounded fine. the arrangemnt was good. this could be played when the party is winding down.
the melody though of the piano i have heard before not sure it is intentional or not. but either way it works

The instrumentation is brilliant and they compliment how the piece builds up to the next section and it's climax.

Very nice piano playing

Felt like I was watching Logan's Run during the open! This song is perfect for film. Very creative. Piano was luring. Just keeps getting b ether as I listen. The 2 minute mark has me anticipating. YES! This is great. Top marks! I see sic-fi film in the future.

Very nice, esp. the intro, transition & main part. Well done.

Love electronic trance , enjoy the spoken word sections of song

Very cool song. The music captured the haunting quality of the lyrics. I could see this in a movie or at a dance club for sure. Very polished. Voice sounds human but sterile, which is perfect!

I like the message -meditative reflection of right brain concepts. Great changes to keep the ear intrigued with the piece. Very positive feel and vibration is consistent with message.

Nearly blown away by your opening, nice chord structure which invites developement and develop it did.You have a great piece of work here and I wish you every success with it

Great dance and trance flow.
Interesting Lyric.

Has great potential for parts or all of this to be marketed to scientific type television programming.

love the message and the smoothness behind the track.

Really nice arrangement! I could hear this in a movie or a dance club. I could relax or dance to this.

Very creative fusion of classical piano and ambient electronic with an added dimension of a Dance/house beat. I like the chordal progressions running throughout the song. Great job.

Really great dynamics along with the spoken word vocals. Nice clean electronic production ideal for film or TV placement.
Very pleasing to listen to.

your intro is very cool made me want to hear rest of song

This is a BIG track. Your use of the stereo field is awesome in my Sony MDR's.

Everyone deserves a chance

Great song, not a dance fan but this is a kind of transcending tune that can evoke a lot of emotion.

Excellent instrumentation. Enjoyed the arrangement of the melody. A great experience.

Song flowed really good, loved it. Arrangement was really nice.

I liked the concept and want to join up with the cause. The song builds throughout and I could have listened to a lot more. I like the transitions from the intro to the beautiful piano at the start to the heavy synth to the end

I loved how the synth faded out in the beginning and when it was only piano. The song has great progression. The words being said are thoughtful. Her tone in her voice is soft and sincere. The song has great movement and takes you on a journey.

Lyrics Alpha Centauri by Sid Meier Music Karl-Gustav Johansson
Producer Karl-Gustav Johansson Publisher Karl-Gustav Johansson
Performance Karl-Gustav Johansson Label Karl-Gustav Johansson
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