The Long and Short of the Kid Juan Pizarro

Story Behind The Song

Murder of a small time Operator

Song Description

Young man is killed by his own greed.

Song Length 5:02 Genre Blues - Chicago, Unique - Avant garde
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Gloomy, Brutal Subject Murder, Rape, Crime, Theft
Similar Artists Tom Waits, The Animals Language English
Era 2000 and later


Yeah, Let me give ya the long and short on the kid Juan Pizarro,
Not the White Sox pitcher or the Conquistador,
With brothers Francisco and Gonzalo

Nah, Just a kind hearted pimp who fell in love with his own whores
and couldn't meet the vig he had to borrow,

Yeah, let me give you the long and short man, on the kid Juan Pizarro
The boy loved ducats in his pockets and livin like there was no tomorrow

Yeah, let me give ya the long and short on the kid Juan Pizarro

They said they found him dead on his Murphy bed with one shoe on and his head in a pool of dark dried crimson, in a room full of sorrow in a body stiff and cold that could once walk and talk and run like Vada Pinson

The girls in his stable said he had a voice like an angel and eyes that could make a dead mortician cry

And wore a medal of the defunct Saint Christopher around his neck that insured quick delivery when he died

Yeah, Let me give ya the long and short man on the kid Juan Pizarro
who loved ducats in his pockets and livin like there was no tomorrow

His daddy worked in a condensed milk factory and said "effort" was his "Pet Peeve"
and his mama wore tight leopard skin leotards and an equally tight weave

And they said she took the news well - she shrugged her shoulders and only cried a little bit
and that her hand was visibly shaking
as she reached for the crack pipe and took another hit

Yeah, let me give ya the long and short man on the kid Juan Pizarro
who loved ducats in his pockets and livin like there was no tomorrow

They said he only chipped a little bit, now and then
and believed in everything he could
he prayed to a flying saucer jesus,
wore his red shirts like Garibaldi
and parted his hair like Ed Wood,
His sister stood with a flat expression at the funeral that day
She had a black umbrella on her shoulder
Nah, It wasn't gonna rain but she took it anyway
She took a Cracker jack ring off her finger he gave as a kid,
Dropped it in the coffin, before they closed the lid,
Then wiped at her eyes and turned and slowly walked away
Yeah, the long and short of the kid Juan Pizarro

Tony is a true artist. His lyrics are unique and his approach is calm and cool.

damn i dig that voice, sounds familiar, like the lyrics allot, you tell a cool story man. real authentic sound, Vida Pinson? hell baseball fan too? (way back there, i spelled his name wrong i'm sure) LOL...great work man. we really get a feel for street life here. wow.

Thoroughly enjoyed the song, the recording, and overall production. Bravo!

HA HA!--I LOVE IT!--SUPER TOONE!--simply the best--5 starzs!--in my book!--ha ha!--can't spell the guys name--so i'll call him a Conquistador--just good shit!--love it--thanxs!--joe--gotta put this on my playlits--for sure-

cool sounding blues , i liked the spoken style vocals very tom waits and really suited the song
cool music throughout. sounded good perfect for the style of the song. ideal for a sin city movie as its all about setting the scene.

Lyrics Tony DiPofi Music Tony DiPofi
Producer Tony DiPofi and Patrick Bodell Performance Tony DiPofi, Patrick Bodell, Erik Madsen, Randy Schneeberger
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