Story Behind The Song

This is a song about my soul mate.

Song Length 2:18 Genre Folk - Alternative


you and me we dont even have to try
roll another old gold driving down a new road
try another kick flip just to make your head spin
more than a good friend
standing round the prison cell looking at it from the outside following a red balloon wondering where it's going to
following a railroad track no plan for turning back
more than a better half
i've known you since you were just a late teen
warming up a cold world cause you're brighter than a good girl
now we're quitting cigarettes thinking about getting pets
more than a best friend

Enjoyed the song.

You've got a good start here. Needs more depth to create more interest, rather than the solo guitar and vocal. Keep workin at it.

as rough as this is...and it's rough - I liked it.

Man, forget recording quality, arrangement, etc. your voice is telling a story, and that beats out anything ornamental. Great job. Keep on keeping it real.

Nice clear home recording, simple guitar and vocal, very easy to understand lyrics. Peaceful little song. Lyric I liked best: Giving up cigarettes, thinking 'bout gettin' pets. You've got some good word pictures in your lyrics, but they don't seem to string together to make a lot of sense.

this is a story to listen for more than a song, I mean the music is here of lesser importance.

I liked it. This song has a sense of honesty and realness and conveyed a feeling. Well done, nice piece of craft

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