Story Behind The Song

Transamerican Dream probably comes from my experiences hitchhiking around the country. Once I did that I never looked at the country the same way. It probably comes from my interest in Quantum Physics/String Theory as well. Once I learned about that life

Song Description

Transamerican Dream is about everything that's going on in the country all at once. Politics, science, religion and celebrities. It's a call for us to open our minds a bit cause they're closed too tight to handle all the changes going on around us.

Song Length 5:28 Genre Folk - Rock, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, Restless Subject General, Liberal, Progressive
Similar Artists Bob Dylan, Neil Young Language English
Era 2000 and later


Brangelina, MLK, JFK got in the way I came to play in a strange place
where the rain from clouds could burn your face
yes my friends I'm left behind like a Bible on Enron's dime
but Ken Lay does not change He buys the bars of his own cage
then died easy like the 27 who the deadheads put into heaven
though they did drugs and stole hugs they gave us something that we loved
look at my back it needs to be cracked look at my guts they need to be laughed
my big mouth needs to be gagged cause its driving people mad
they cast call all of life's falls and they make light of truly dangerous faults
like the money crazed and their war games dressing their kids in the blood of mall slaves
it's a new age you gotta make decisions like where to look and to whom to listen
but a cat call at a rag doll is a contribution to the bathroom stall
Hey take a look around is what you thought you knew what you're finding out?

people wanna dress in celebrity skin though it costs a hundred thousand an inch
though it smells like plastic and can't be pinched
though it can't be touched cause it could get ripped
they say you cannot die if you never were alive
but the latest news says friends where it points don't seem to end
they told you to look people in the eye when you shake their hand
than to take whatever you want however you can however you can
the government sold out to shops now the Penguins own the place
you can do whatever you want if you let em rearrange your face
and guide your fate like fresh bait stuck on strings dropped into waves
you got a new spine it's a silver line that keeps your body from your mind
Hey take a look around is what you thought you knew what you're finding out?

the Middle East at Christ's feet filtered through the FCC
if you scream they take your picture so you wont to interfere with the way they gip you there's a man here a man there but no one wants a man to care for another man in a bathrobe
cause Leviticus went and told a joke
now everybody's dressed in white the NRA thinks it's right
for the ghettos to blow holes in each other till they lose souls
they want control of all the folks who have the nerve to mention the ozone
look at my face till you know I was born my heart won't let my brain conform
my DNA was reformed to see the faces of the storm
please please listen to me the universe is made of strings
each speck of a vibration forms the core of all creation
don't worry we were meant to play em
death is just a transformation
hey take a look around is what you thought you knew what you're finding out
is what you understand part of your program or could you dream or could you dream
or could you dream?

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