A TOY AWAKE (On my grave too)

Story Behind The Song

I heard the name A TOY AWAKE in a dream and identified with it. I also heard "Zen Thrope". Thrope means name so I guessed A Toy Awake is my Zen name.

Song Description

The song is kind of an ego trip about being poor and unplugged to the point of thinking I could actually teach others how to thrive in their own poverty. I am a shoeshiner, was a dishwasher, taxi driver and wheel chair walker (ambulette driver)...

Song Length 5:22 Genre Pop - Alternative, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


shoe shiner taxi driver liar ventriloquist for the truth bound by rules
modern hypocrite i settled down a bit i know you and your friends fake through it
traveled around the country thinking of some way to keep myself from sinking
further in to a culture of lies It's hypnotized blinded to the immortal light of
truth people are equal like tv we're each a sequel of each other intertwined
patterns of light redefined through perceptions of mind
you cant hide you can try but you cant hide
we're all headed to that great gig in the sky

i feel like a man walks on my grave too

dishwasher wheel chair walker at 30 i still have the mother and father
don't bother me I'm a little confused
i look white but I feel like a spectrum of blues
and I want to create a more efficient school
with moral codes hit the heart first quench the kid's thirst
coat the brain with a paint that'll make somebody wanna learn
the first rule to grace the gates of my school
is that the individual is responsible to search for personal truth
cause we're dependent on each other's evolvement
beyond the laws of our mom's or congress get on it
put the dog on a chain and walk it get into the rain and wash it
don't talk unless you're willing to walk it take the ball from the chain and drop it........ stop it

i feel like a man walks on my grave too

i have a new name I'm a toy awake
and I'm estranged from the boundaries in this place
I've changed like Schindler in World War 2 I'm less business and more you
somehow closer to the whole truth yet i still have yet to break through
take time to rewind don't believe in the grind i look over my life to keep it in line
adjustments made to improve to find the wise man in the fool
to free the concept from the rules of people screwed by oppressive fools
how are you? I don't know how to say it
wait... are you alive or faking? Stop playing just say it

i feel like a man walks on my grave too

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