Sweet Dreams

Song Description

A young man tells his girlfriend he's leaving as she's sleeping.

Song Length 3:00 Genre Pop - Rock, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless, Poignant Subject Breaking Up, Road
Language English Era 2000 and later


You sleep so pretty 'neath the soft moonlight
I yearn to wake you but I won't tonight
Thought about us for a long, long time
It's hard but I've made up my mind

I know the road though I'm not sure where it leads
But I'm leaving so I'm wishing you sweet dreams

Spent my life in this sleepy town
It's sure been nice having you around (My darling)
But you've said you won't ever leave
And there's so much more I've just got to see (I'm sorry)

If I don't go now I won't ever go
Then I'll never know what the future holds for me
You've got your family and you've got your friends
Well I've got this voice that's been calling me again (Oh baby)

I have one life and I want all that it brings
So I'm leaving but I'm wishing you sweet dreams

Don't know how to say good-bye
So I'll kiss you one last time (My darling)
You'll find someone who'll be good for you
I'll always wonder if I've been a fool (My darling)

When you think of me know I loved you
When you think of me know I loved you
And may your life be filled with sweet dreams
And may your life be filled with sweet dreams
Sweet dreams

Good Singer, amazing arrangements !

Nice vocals. I really like the duet concept. And good feel to the song

Nice song. I love the vocals and the melody of the song. Very radio friendly. Now I will be humming this song all day tomorrow becasue it will be stuck in my head. Thanks allot!!! :)

There are many nice things going on here instrumentally, and the keyboards add a soft touch, as do the female bg vocals. There is a part in here of just instrumentation that would pair up nice with a visual, so this would be a good song for a film.

Nice feel and vibe to this which feels old school which is a good thing

Lyrics Susan Witzel Music Christopher DeMaria
Producer Christopher DeMaria Publisher Positively Susan/ Sonic House
Performance David Gagne/ Alice Bartels back up
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