Bye Bye Sonny

Song Description

Shows the ways the alcoholic destroys each part of his life from his sister's perspective. Part 2 of a Trilogy- Not Foolin' Me Now/Bye-Bye Sonny/ Johnny's 29th Birthday

Song Length 3:32 Genre Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Troubled, Disturbed Subject Alchohol, Beer, Wine, Crime, Theft
Language English


Sonny has a picture of the child he never sees
He keeps her safely tucked inside his Levis
With a letter from a lady chained
To his long alibis
(Smooth like Southern whiskey)
But back down in Virginia
His woman's hopes are fading
Staring through the window
Too long anticipating
She sighs:
Bye-Bye Sonny
Time to face up to the fact
Bye-Bye Sonny, Hey-
You ain't comin' back
No, you ain't comin' back...

Cape May down the fishing docks Sonny's luck runs
Word is out he don't pull his share
So he kicks around from boat to boat sayin'
He just don't care
(He's got his Southern whiskey)
But the liquor store ripped off once more's
Demanding a conviction
As cops are cruising Harbor Road
Reading his description
And they're singin':
Bye-Bye Sonny
You've been slippin' through the cracks
Bye-Bye Sonny, but hey..
This time we've got the facts...
He sneaks into the church at night
The preacher leaves the back door open
Tomorrows never work out right
But Sonny- he keeps hopin'

My Mama has some pictures of the child she never sees
She shares them with a few trusted friends
Tainted memories of her troubled boy
She'll love 'til the end
(Like he loves his Southern whiskey)
We moved away without a trace
When Sonny last served time
Some stolen things can't be replaced
Or the pain in Mama's eyes
When she cries
Bye, Bye Sonny.....
I don't know what else to do
Bye Bye Sonny...but hey
I still pray for you
I still pray for you
What else could I have done?
What else can I do?

I loved the story telling which is what makes country so great. It was written well as far as the lyrics go. I enjoyed it.

Lyrics Susan Witzel Music Anthony Uva
Producer Anthony Uva Performance Jacky Dustin
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