C'est Si Bon

Song Description

A woman asks her boyfriend when they will finally have sex.

Song Length 6:00 Genre R & B - Disco, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cool, Welcoming Subject General, Touching
Similar Artists Britney Spears, Divinyls Language English
Era 2000 and later


Now that I got your attention
Here it goes:
(My body shakes with apprehension)

Tell me -What's your true intention?
I must know It's beyond my comprehension

Ooh, oh, I forgot to mention
Darling, ooh-
Only you can break this tension

So, don't keep me in suspense, hon,
Won't you give me some?

When you hold me close
I just need a dose
Please don't keep me waiting anymore
When we're skin to skin
Wanna let you in
So knock on my door!

Can't you see how I'm affected?
You're just so-
Calm and cool and so collected
I just want to feel connected-
Soul to soul
You're the one my heart selected.

Am I just a fool
Who's convinced myself
That you want me too
The way that I want you?
Cause when you look at me
It seems plain to see
We both know the truth....

When you hold me close
I just need a dose
Please don't keep me waiting anymore
Don't you see that I
Need you deep inside
Need you like I never did before

Yeah hey yeah hey yeah
J'ai envie de toi
Yeah hey yeah hey yeah
Alors porquoi pas

The song is good and sounds like a hit. The production is pretty strong. That clap on the 2 & 4 makes you want to dance.
The singer has a nice voice.

Nice piece for Club

Very funky song! nice vocals and melody

Lyrics Susan Witzel Music Patrick DeCaumette
Producer Patrick DeCaumette Publisher Positively Susan
Performance Elsa
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