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Guaranteed to lift your mood-whatever kind of day you're having so Listen in~! SPG~Man

Song Description

This is an interpretation of my original song 'Promises' which I've funked up with a strong beat, baseline and some really amazing guitar riffs. Amazing feedback with descriptions as 'catchy, upbeat, inspirational, unique, hooks you in'

Song Length 4:30 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Unique - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Mood Ecstatic, Delighted
Similar Artists Don't know Era 2000 and later

Very catchy tune. very nice instrumentation! Love the arrangement. A very original song. Could work nicely in a TV, movie environment.

Good Musician Ship - Real Sync potential - Artist Vince Geraldi of course! Fun feel. If there a request for a Geraldi type piano musical piece - this is a shoe in!

This piece started with a fairly simple skeleton instrumental that was kept fresh and interesting with the addition of complementing instruments. The production value of this piece is great, all instrumental parts are well balanced.This piece certainly has commercial value, especially as a light hearted backing mood instrumental.

Film & TV are always looking for songs like this. I like how the guitar comes in and changes things up. Good Job!

Instruments were fabulous. A feel good instrumental. I can hear it on TV or in a movie.

A piano player hits upon a chord progression he/she really likes and milks it for all it's worth. Adding in percussion, and some fun synth sounds, the song rollicks along at a nice pace, spreading a cheerful mood to the listener. Might make nice hold music.

Very well written, performed and arranged piece. I love how it picks up nearing the 2 minute mark and the ensuing instrumentation. Very good job of maintaining the same riff throughout, but shaking things up enough that it never gets boring.

I like the way the drums sound as they come into the mix - very cool sounding tune!

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