Speed of Life (Sax version)

Story Behind The Song

Short and powerful jam mixing acoustic with overdrive guitars. A must hear~!

Song Description

This is the the 2nd half of my song Dark Matter with an increased tempo along with alto sax accompaniment. I thought my original version of "Speed of Life" sounded a little muddy at times as it was hard to distinguish some of the musical nuances and the sax really highlights the melody.

Song Length 1:22 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock
Era 2000 and later

Very interesting piece and I'd love to hear if this is just a part of something larger. It could easily appear in a film/TV setting as a tonal backdrop. When I think of Progressive Rock, I rarely if ever think "saxaphone" but all the elements work well. Cool stuff indeed!

I'm not sure what to call this genre, but it is very weird. This isn't a bad thing. The instrumentation is unique. Especially the use of a baritone sax (or keyboard sample) is original. The work appears to be part of something much longer, but again, I might be misinterpreting the composer's intention. The minor mood reflected by the performance garners the listeners attention right away.

good overall production, good choice of sounds. the song has it's force since the beginning.

Great stuff. Highly marketable. This should do well for you.

I like the beginning with the keyboards and the driving beat, very cool lead guitar as well. Sounds a little like the Beach Boys.

I like this instrumental very much. I can hear it in an ad or movie.

Short and sweet, this instrumental piece grabs you from the intro and holds your attention to the end. The hook is memorable, repetitive, but not boring at all. A tension is created in the excellent intro that leads nicely into the body of the work. I see no reason why this shouldn't be commercially viable if you can find the right market.

LOVE that guitar! Good job!

Really cool sound. I love it at the 12 second mark when you're waiting for something bold, but instead you are lured into a spell with a really cool and subtle section. Nice hook, and just a really nice piece to listen to.

Music SPG~Man (FKA Southpaw Guitarman) Performance ASCAP
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