The Inside

Song Length 4:44 Genre Rock - Funk

Very good and intriguing intro. Extremely nice mix of instruments and effects. This piece achieves its purpose very nicely, because it makes you jump up off your seat and move. Horns add a very nice flavor and vocals are ideal for a piece like this.

ok rock on funky beginning liked it better down a few bars--guitar was out of tune right off the bat---do over or autotune

When I review music I try to listen to the whole song regardless and I'm happy I did this song was surprisingly great if that makes sense I moved my feet immediately to the beat which was very simple yet smart of you. The vocals were on point I'm a hip hop head but I love to hear live music regardless the genre and I can tell you or whom ever made the track actually played all these instruments that was refreshing to hear given today's technology and ease of access and even if you did use electronic drums it didn't sound like it. The beginning of the song took me on a ride I was like what's going on and it kept my interest throughout I thought the panning could of been a little better just to blend those two riffs better but it was still cool. This is a hit

Nice song. Nice recording. Great vocals and harmonies. Nice use of synth. Good beat. I love the sax. Nice work.

Really unique and cool. Kind of reminds me of something from the 70s. Nice work.

nice pink floydish intro...

mix is clean nice work on the bass line and keyboard


Yea, man, awesome funk vibe - I love it! Great work!

LOVE Funk, and this song does not disappointment! Yea man, makes me want to get up and dance. Particularly well done instrumentation...especially the sax. Great vocals and great vibe. Love it!

I loved the opening riff

The Martians have landed! I really enjoyed the way those far out sounds blended into the rest of the song.

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The Inside

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