Over Easy

Song Length 4:36 Genre Rock - Funk

I love the way the drums start out the song and how the saxophone just seems to take off and really just stand out. Very good instrumentation all the way around. I also love all the several bass guitar runs, very cool indeed. Very cool keyboards a well - I also love the lead guitar section of the song, very tight indeed. This is just great music done by professional musicians and I think I could listen to this for several hours!

Killer Bass and drum grooves! And great bass tone. Round and fat, but clear within the mix.
Nice wahhed guitar. Cool stereo delay as well.

Enjoyed listening to your song!

Nice drums and bass, solos are great too. Has potential for a montage scene in a spy movie.

Like this song a lot. Kind of an Average White Band funky vibe to it (hence my title.... Nice sax!

Nice and funky tune, low the wah guitar paning.

This song has a real authentic groove, and I dig it! Reminds a bit of "Average White Band" with an excellent arrangement of horns, guitars and cool percussion. It takes me to a period of music when everything was real, and required actual talent as a musician.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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