CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK (featuring Ray Dahrouge)

Story Behind The Song

Ray wrote this for the cd "It's Christmas Everywhere".

Song Description

The title says it all...

Song Length 4:02 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Unique - Holiday
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful, In High Spirits Subject Holidays
Similar Artists Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra Language English


I love to watch all the people skate by that great big Christmas tree,
The Empire State is all dressed up in bright lights of red and green.
It's Christmas in New York.

There's a little bar off the FDR where we meet each Christmas eve,
And sing Christmas songs the whole night long and each year when we leave.

We hail a taxi and take a ride, look at all those New York City sights,
When we pass that Lady with her torch, I thank God I?m here living one year,
Of Christmas in New York.

Each year we start there in Central Park, a horse and carriage all our own,
Then we bundle up that child in us, we've never quite outgrown.

(instrumental interlude)

(repeat chorus)

I thank God I'm here living one year,
Of Christmas in New York.

Really nice Christmas Song. Being from New York it hits very close to home! The lyric is very descriptive and pertinent, the vocals are strong but I could see a gravely voice make it even better. The instrumentation is spot on and the potential for a yearly Christmas theme is pretty high. Certainly has potential in a New York based romantic film based in a Christmas time.

Lyrics Ray Dahrouge Music Ray Dahrouge
Producer Sam Cooper and Ray Dahrouge Publisher Family Harmony Music
Performance Ray Dahrouge--lead vocals, Tom LaBella--sax solos, Sam Cooper--all other instruments Label Red Heart Records
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