A GOOD PRINCE (featuring Keeli)

Story Behind The Song

We were amused by a twist on a fairy tale story.

Song Description

The story of a damsel in distress looking for some fairy tale ending.

Song Length 4:57 Genre Unique - Unclassified, Jazz - Lounge
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Pleasant, Adorable Subject Femininity, Frustration
Similar Artists Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Rabbit Language English
Era 2000 and later


by Keeli Kelly and Sam Cooper ©2014 615-469-4067 jericat@yahoo.com

Once upon a time,
In my fairy tale mind,
I was skipping through the forest searching for my own true love.
Dark consumed the trees,
Glowing eyes were watching me,
All the big bad wolves were howling at the moon above.
There was danger everywhere,
But I really wasn't scared,
I believed my shiny knight would soon be there.

Chilled down to the bone,
I was lost and on my own,
Crows had been eating all the crumbs along my path.
Beasts began to growl,
There was something on the prowl.
Had to keep on moving, no time to catch my breath.
There was danger everywhere,
But I really wasn't scared,
I was looking for my hero, but I couldn't find him anywhere,

Good thing,
I had,
My magic cloak.
To hide behind,
And my jagged dagger by my side,
My shiny shield to protect me at all times.
Let me tell you, here's the bottom line,
A good prince is hard to find.

Fooled by fantasy,
T'was no code of chivalry,
Charming didn't come and Valiant wasn't what he seemed.
Damsel in distress,
I refused to acquiesce,
My happy ever after was really only up to me.
There was danger everywhere,
But I really didn't care,
That shiny knights and heroes didn't appear

Repeat chorus

The moral of the story goes,
There is no evil spell,
No misty magic potion that provides an antidote,
Be careful kissing princes,
They may not fare thee well,
And you may only wind up with a frog stuck in your throat.

Lyrics Sam Cooper, Keeli Kelly Music Sam Cooper, Keeli Kelly
Producer Sam Cooper Publisher Jerricat Music (SESAC), Keeli Kelly
Performance Keeli Kelly (vocals), Sam Cooper (instruments) Label Red Heart Records
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