Story Behind The Song

Three co-writers discussing the "rules" about songs not having any big words in songs for pitches on Music Row in Nashville--we decided to write something counter-intuitive to that mentality.

Song Description

It's a love song to a woman with a preference for brains over brawn.

Song Length 3:24 Genre R & B - Classic, Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Joyful Subject Fun, General
Similar Artists Delbert McClinton, Sam and Dave Language English
Era 2000 and later


Angelo Melendez, Lucy LeBlanc and Sam Cooper ©2014
615-469-4067 jericat@yahoo.com

Better listen to Daddy,
About being a lady,
Not all guys embody the thinking man.
But I'm a guy who can't,
Just talk with his biceps,
I know I've got a better plan.
My execution of elocution will make you putty in my hands.

If I want to surprise you,
I'll be extemporaneous,
And if I get you to fall for me,
You'll be (hey) precipitous,
Don't care if my terminology's a little absurd.
I can be generous, magnanimous,
Spontaneous, part exhibitionist,
I'll get lascivious if you converse with, (hey)
50 cent words.

Will I find you in the library,
Will you have your face buried,
In some tattered copy of War and Peace?
If I could get you to notice,
Read me like a book,
I'll be your literary fantasy,
Instead of Hallmark, I'll use Webster's to sweep you off your feet.

repeat chorus

I, I, I, I may not be an Einstein or a PhD,
I'm just tryin' to increase the probability, that,

repeat chorus

enjoyable tune. good production balance. Just enjoyable.
good instrumentation as well.

Lyrics Sam Cooper, Lucy LeBlanc, Angelo Melendez Music Sam Cooper, Lucy LeBlanc, Angelo Melendez
Producer Sam Cooper Publisher Jerricat Music (SESAC), Midnight Mama Music, Angelo Melendez
Performance Angelo Melendez--bass guitar, Sam Cooper--all other tracks Label Red Heart Records
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