Sam Cooper

Sam Cooper


Story Behind The Song

We knew of someone getting committed for substance abuse. It wasn't there first rodeo.

Song Description

Rehab just doesn't do the trick for some people...

Song Length 3:47 Genre Blues - Rock, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, In High Spirits Subject Alchohol, Beer, Wine, Addiction
Similar Artists Ray Charles, Trace Adkins Language English
Era 2000 and later


music and words by Chris Gantry, Jon Roniger and Sam Cooper ©2010

Pills, when they rattle in the bottle gives me chills,
Weed, when it's fillin' up my lungs it's what I need,
Cheap gin, when it's slidin' down and dribblin' on my chin,
It makes me a happy pappy, I jump up and down and clappy,
In that lubricated state I'm livin' in.

Twenty eight days in Tuscon,
Ain't doing me no good.
I can't change the way my brain is arranged,
Lord knows, I wish I could.
At least 12 times, I've walked the 12 steps and I'm,
Always ending up on the wrong foot.
Twenty eight days in Tuscon,
Ain't doing me no good.

Girls, I love the ones that live in cheap motels.
Wives, I've done that dance and just left number five.
The road, the only place that I can still call home.
I love to ride my Harley cause it gets me to the party,
And any seedy place I need to go.


When they let me out tomorrow, as I'm waving to the shrink,
I'll be headin' for the bar to turn my chip in for a drink.


Down home country Blues

"Whiskey" voicing was perfect for this song. The guitars played well; one complementing the other. You chose an appropriate, driving tempo (i.e.. not too fast) for this recording. Guitars were well played. You ("guys") know what you're doing.

i swear, this sounds just like Dan May! Great work!!

excellent voice for the music ... love the track ... its got that excitement that you just feel its a top class song ...

Super grooving Bob Segar Rock and Roll Groove, smoking guitar, love the steel bends lurking just below the surface. Bet this will turn on a club like there's no tomorrow.

Great track. Nice 'n' gutsy vocals and cool country rock tune. The lyrics are grat fun. Thoroughly enjoyed this!

I love this rage, rough neck outlaw country style. Trade my chip in for a drink.. Great slide guitar, quality lyrics got me hooked with the first 28 days in Tuscon

Is this a ZZ top undiscovered tune?

Loved this song
Great chorus hook
nice gritty country sthyle voice

The Singer is very good. Very good voice. The song is nice, I liked it.

Lyrics Chris Gantry, Jon Roniger and Sam Cooper Music Chris Gantry, Jon Roniger and Sam Cooper
Producer Sam Cooper Publisher Jerricat Music (SESAC), Chris Gantry (BMI), Studio 33 Music (BMI), Jon Roniger (ASCAP)
Performance Sam Cooper--all tracks Label Red Heart Records

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