The spirit of exploration (Roads less traveled Ost)

Story Behind The Song

Sauce for the noodles.

Song Description

An epic yet graciously modern piece. Something that could be used in a AAA documentary. The cue uses a combination of orchestral triads, modern synth sounds from REV, and evolves in a gracious yet exciting arrangement with a marriage of electronic and organic elements.

Song Length 4:20 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Electronic - Ambient
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Gracious, Pleasant Subject Existence, Evolution
Similar Artists Thomas Newman, Groove Armada Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

This is awesome. So well written, performed and produced. A top notch production that is worthy of the big screen but well worth just sitting back and listening... with headphones, the best you can muster, because this song will give them a workout. Perfect in every way. Bravo. Bravo indeed!

Slow at first, but terrific buildup! Seems to give an almost dark feel, like a haunted robot society, (AKA, I
Robot), then breaks into an almost victorious feel.

really nice, good progression, well distributed

Excellent work. I love the use of backwards effects at the beginning going into the string arrangement. Overall textures are beautiful. Use of sound design is also very well done.

Superior quality! Hyper-professional! Nice sounds! Perfect composition! Original and inventive in its sector! Will sell easily to plenty of opportunities! Would make a great soundtrack for a magic superblockbuster with a coloured and adventurous voyage into a mysterious wonderland which is a symbol of an inner path of initiation, growth [not a cancer growth], and discover of the self! One ultimately banal and empty as this music.

Music Snow, N.Jones Producer N.Jones
Performance Snow, N.Jones
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