Broken Machine (Rarified Explicit 2009)

Song Description

I am a machine... a broken machine.

Song Length 2:16 Genre Electronic - Industrial, Electronic - Experimental
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Life Similar Artists Nine Inch Nails
Language English Era 2000 and later


I beat my machine, its the only thing for me.

I live off the fuel of childhood dreams, my fictitious fantasies.

Shunned by society, I'm left to decay
parts just rusting away
Loathed by humanity, I've fumbled through life, awkwardly wandering the night

There is nothing left in this world for me
I'm broken
and psychologically diseased.

So I beat my fucking machine.
Its the only thing left for me.

My mind is broken, its positively broken, and I'm jonesing...

Won't you fix my broken machine?

While listening to this unique piece of sounds, packed upon more sounds and yes, still more sounds, guitars and frenziness, - with nothing but chaos and a man talking about "fixing his broken machine..." - well - I was transported mentally to a room where a man has been hauled in by the police department and he's detoxifying or coming down from a bad trip of naughty stuff perhaps. I hope he finds someway to fix his broken machine.

Wow, my ears were just assulted by an onslaught of electronic happiness. Not a huge fan of this genre but I enjoyed listening and can appreciate the creativity.

Music Nathaniel Jones Producer Protilius
Performance N.Jones, Reason 2.0, Pro-Tools
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