A Cursed Affair (The Detective OST)

Story Behind The Song

The day opens up early for the detectives as their hangovers are enhanced by yet another grizzly crime scene. This time... A family of five. Two adults and three children brutally murdered in their sleep. Blood has soaked the carpets, covered the walls, and what was once a beautiful home filled with love... Was now a tragic scene of twisted and senseless murder.

Song Description

I wanted something haunting, twisted, and sexy all at the same time. When Ali Edwards stepped up to the plate I couldn't resist the temptation.

Song Length 5:03 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Electronic - Ambient
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Disturbed, Tense
Subject Murder, Rape, Crime, Theft Similar Artists Trent Reznor

Nice work. This piece is like a trip or a journey. Moving through different areas... at times, into the unknown,.. then back on track... and ending by smoothly arriving at your destination. Sweet tune.

Great use of effects. Cool arrangement. I couldn't stop listening.

Nice intro. Very suspenseful track. Love the sound effects. Nice little action build. Kind of a haunting thriller track. Love the mix with the what sounded like reverse sounds. That's a great sax effect too. Love the distant sound of it. I'm sure there is a project out there for this one. Best of luck with it. All my best ~M

Nice big sound, top notch. Mood is dark and ominous, could be great for film. Very unorthodox saxophone approach but appropriate for this tune, very effective in emphasizing the chaos in the piece. I love the heartbeat early on, very nicely placed in the mix and it's felt and definitely present but not overdone. Then it disappears when other colors come in.... excellent mix. Drum groove enters with more sound effect drama, very cutting edge.

Music N.Jones & Ali Edwards Producer N.Jones & Ali Edwards
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