Wish away the storms

Story Behind The Song

Originally inspired by the poetry of Mary Oliver, it explores the importance of stories and how I see them somewhat like prayers you pass on or share at night.

Song Description

A man reminisces on what makes a life worth living: memory, love, dreams, family, travel, relationships. It reminds us that we should appreciate what we have and to stay positive when life gets you down.

Song Length 2:30 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Sociable Subject Life, General
Similar Artists John Mayer, Sting Language English
Era 2000 and later


Read yourself a story every night
Separate your wishes from the cold
Pull your father's collar real tight
Gather your belongings down this long and winding road

That's what makes a life a life
you lose everything that means anything (alright)
So keep your hands inside
And hang on to everything that means anything (real tight)

Don't trust the sun, or these waves - 'cause they'll tell you that you love her
Don't stop pen from touching page - one hot sentence, then another
No more indiscretions or disguise - the whirling conversations in your mind

It's funny how you kiss your letters - before they're sent out to the world
One more for good measure - some good luck at your door

Good fortune shines - got honey at the table
Come what might - these arms are fully able
To hold you tight - and wish away the storms inside (your mind)

Lyrics Marqus Bobesich Music Marqus Bobesich, D'Arcy McGuire
Producer D'Arcy McGuire Performance Marqus Bobesich, D'Arcy McGuire
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