Song Length 4:31 Genre Jazz - Smooth Jazz, Jazz - Lounge
Lead Vocal Instrumental Similar Artists Bob James, Earl Klugh

Very laid back smooth jazz tune, nice vibe. Definitely suitable for movie/tv.

A smooth, tight four part synth construction, keyboard and guitar sounds flow very nicely over solid bass and drums. A thoughtful, pleasing composition for sure. Would be pleased to hear more...

This song has a nice relaxed feel, with an interesting chord progression. I love the 'bridge' at 2:03 - the sound suddenly gets very full, then sustains and gives the bass a moment to jump out and tickle our senses. You have a good vibe going here, and a good clean recording.

great rhythm section
bass & drums are super cool
fantastic guitar work

Really awesome Smooth Jazz composition. Great keyboard work overall.

liked very much, Good performances and projecting some good emotions, has some human vibe to it.

Good mix, arrangement and production. Nice guitars

Mellow for relaxing

Very relaxing groove and melody, nice bridge

Mellow sounding groove...very calming.

Wonderful tune. Would make a great background for TV or movie placements, not to mention corporate pieces, mostly because you didn't add a vocal , (which I kept expecting to pop up any second.) Very tasty piano. The guitar and piano blended so well together it was hard to tell them apart. (Maybe that was a guitar patch on the keyboards?)

Very nice mellow song. I enjoyed it.

Reminds me somewhat of a Jan Hammer with the guitar sound from the 90's and it has that type of feel as well. The intro was smooth and sweet and it sounds like you really thought about your melody and how it was to work throughout the song.

This song reminds me of a Phil Collins tune, it sounds quite wonderful!! Very easy to listen to over & over!!! WE have Coffee in the morning as our Zen Time and we would put this tune on our every day to play list...........I'm feeling so mellow right now!! Great Job, whoever you are!!! Would really enjoy hearing more from you as an artist & composer!!!

Nicely done. However, and I may be wrong, but I believe the drum/percussion parts are programmed either on a drum machine or drum loop of some kind. If so, imho, I would hire a real
drummer for your music. Even the little bit I heard I can tell that you have terrific ideas that warrant the use and the technical skills that a fine "live" drummer could offer.

Also, the tune was a little slow in it's build...I had to wait until 2:09 into the tune before something different and exciting took place. However, I'm no expert at judging anybody's work or what they might have had in mind.

You've got a nice sensitivity thing going on, stay with it. Best of Luck

Very smooth sound, I really like the bass guitar on the introduction and the drums as well. For some reason I think it sounds a little like Boz Skaggs.

Music Nigel Barrett Producer Nigel Barrett
Performance Nigel Barrett
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