Vegas comeback

Story Behind The Song

A trip to Vegas and a mid-life evaluation. Went there at 19. A breakfast in a little restaurant in a small Nevada desert town. Can still see the waitress, the cop and the nickel revolver. Sleeping in the Caesars Palace parking lot, while Jerry Lewis helicoptered in. Just show biz. Used a 100 year-old Steinway intro. The guitar solo is a tribute Lennon on the Mesa/Boogie amp turned louder than God.

Song Description

The history vegas,,,the mob, the quintessence of what show biz iz...thats the ref to Ziegfield sorry...

Song Length 3:27 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Stressed, Glad Subject Life, Material Things
Similar Artists Tom Petty, The Cult Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


On a stool in a desert town
The officer keeps his right hand down
And the waitress has a bitter sheen
Like a picture that's stolen from a magazine
300 hundred miles from the western shore
Lies the place of silver dreams and more
They come to wait here for a second chance
In the meantime time she waiting a private ranch

Things will finally get back on track
She's getting ready for her Vegas comeback

Losers are everywhere, they fill the lake
You only need to make one mistake
In "town-plenty" you can't run and hide
You see the lawn staring back at you from the other side
Now the sun is nearly half way home
Everybody faces this part alone
On his marker it says "Wasted time"
It was the same damn thing, when he was nine

Ziegfield started round 1903
With rags and riches and minstrelsy
He opened shop and wait ed to see
If it worked for him it can work for me
And the bookie drinks with the cop
And reporters know when to stop

Lyrics scott paterson Music scott paterson
Producer scott paterson Publisher scott paterson
Performance scott paterson
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