The Devils Invoice

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The Gulf Oil spil

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The Devil's invoice

Bobby Jones has his boat taken away
In that big old Wall street hooray
He went down to Louisanna shore
Said I ain't a fisherman no more

The big rig had caught his eye
The kind that reach up into the sky
High as a mountain, deep as a valley
Where only the big money can buy

One day there was a little bump
Caused the needle on the bridge to jump
Stock market boys getting nervous
Sign on the pump say "Out of service"

And the sky lit up at midnight
It was God in a heavenly voice
He said "something coming out to the water "You gotta pay the devils invoice"

Verse 2:
We'll only take what we will need
But it turns out we need to alot to feed
My pickup truck and fun over seas
Please pass the bread and oil please

So we all ask this Earth to bleed
From 2 miles below the deepest seed
So deep below that the she will groan
Keep knocking see if the devil' s home

Do you remember Basin street,
Thats was where we used to meet
Struttin with women who knew their game
They called you honey, didn't know your name

If you forgot what street your on
Look in the window and its Doctor John
Playing those four finger blues for you
Ain't it funny what you mind casts back to

When it's 100 feet to the water below
You gotta decide whether you're gonna stay or gonna go
W ere' all in the situation yunno
And the lord says you got no
Choice but to pay the devils invoice

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