The best that you got

Song Description

Just an r and b kinda rap rock thing church choir thing happy happy

Song Length 2:00 Genre R & B - Contemporary


A song can mean so very many things
It can heal a heart it can bring a soul wings
There's a special way to share your gift
and bring to others a special little lift

You don't know what you got till you share it jack
Put you soul on the line and never look back
so dig inside and lay down your tracks
Give the best that you got for the six pack

I hear your songs and I feel then deeply
I feel your soul that was not one cheaply
show the world your special knack
give this the best you got for your six pack

Every challenge will surely renew you
inspiration is bound to run through you
take a trip down this road and never look back
Give the best that you got for the six pack

Lyrics scott paterson Music scott paterson
Producer scott paterson Publisher scott paterson
Performance scott paterson Label scott paterson
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