According to your Facebook

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The other side of the argument.... from the mans perspective. It seemed like it was going to be a dreary ballad then I thought what the hell, lets have some fun with this...

Song Length 2:55 Genre Country - Contemporary, Rap - Progressive
Tempo Medium (111 - 130)


According to your Facebook

I met you in a chat room, we were having so much fun
Didn't take too long before you were my number one
Then I noticed that you liked to got to bars
Specially with them boys with them fancy foreign cars

My friends all said that you were just trailer trash
They said that you were just the type who's chasing cash
Everybody said that you'd leave me in the end
You left me and my Chevy for a guy who drives a Benz

According to your Facebook, I'm a loser and a fake
According to your myspace, I'm your number one mistake
So text me if you want me or even send a poke
I guess I'm just a loser and even worse I'm broke

Couldn't you have told me what was going on
Why did I have to get this internet "dear John"
you kept tweeting loser, you said you're gonna go
your Facebook is not the face that I have come to know

My website needs a facelift, at twitter I'm a twit
but worst of all she's texting than I'm an idiot
As I sit at my computer morning night and noon
I'm the only visitor in this chatroom

Mid 8
Facebook, never ever judge a cover
cus their playbook, maybe undercover
Now Myspace is taken by another
Its a disgrace I'm back living with my mother

Now I'm been dumped in every single way that's known
I've got it in the mail and sometimes on the phone
Now you're with a rich guy and around the world you sail
You was nice enough let me know in a bulk email

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