Chicken in the Pan

Story Behind The Song

I was booked to headline the children's stage at the Alabama Chicken & Egg Festival in 2010. I needed a chicken song, and God gave me this one. I also have a fun chicken puppet (by Folkmanis) that I use in my shows (and sell). Have fun singing this with your kids!

Song Description

Chicken in the Pan is a fun family folksong that you can sing whenever you eat chicken. It even teaches kids how to spell the word chicken. Hopefully your favorite chicken dish is included here; if not just sing it in anyway. Biblical reference to Adam and even in the rap ending.

Song Length 3:39 Genre Country - Rock, Folk - Country
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Joyful Subject Farm Animals, Meat
Similar Artists Peter, Paul & Mary, Nickel Creek Language English
Era 2000 and later


If I had to live in the barnyard
Which critter would I be?
I'd never wanna be a chicken!
Chicka-chicka-chicken, not me!
Cuz first they'd wring my neck
Then they'd pluck my feathers bare
Then they'd throw me in the fryin' pan.
Chicka-chicka-chicken cooks there.

CHORUS: Our family likes good chicken
Chicka-chicka-chicken in the pan.
C-H-I-C-K-E-N, Chicka-chicka-chicken in the pan.

Our girls like chicken fingers.
My son, he's a nugget man
Mama throws the bones in the soup pot
And Grandma likes her Chicken Divan
We like Creole Chicken Gumbo
Chinese Chicken Chow Mein
We like Chicken Cacciatori
Or wings on the grill Plain Jane. SING CHORUS


We've got chicken in Alabama,
Chicken from Arkansas
We've got chicken from the state of Georgia.
We eat chicken in the shoppin' mall.
Like Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes
We dig the colonel with the white goatee.
Nos gusta arroz con pollo
Eat some chicken chimichanga with me. SING CHORUS

Now this song, it ain't real spiritual
My message isn't deep
But maybe I can change that?
Let's go back in history:

Chicken's been here since time began.
Adam was a chicken; that's why he ran
Sinned with Eve, then fled to a bush.
His chicken-liver heart just turned to mush.
"Don't blame me, God! Give HER the boot.
It's her hen-peckin' made me eat that fruit.

No way not to crack a smile here. I am a sucker for fun songs of various styles. The lyrics are hysterical and the instrumentation and arrangement (handclaps on the last verse) were suitably playful. I hope this gets used for an ad for.....chicken!

quirky jazzy country fun track

A little strange...

Very strong kids' song. Lots of fun.

Got me at the harmonica, and a totally rockin groove, love it. Absolutely fantastic work, very tight musically and wow what lyrics. Very very original, the harmonies from background voicings work perfectly, up to and including the spoken parts. This should be a festival favorite if you head that direction. Actually wished that it went on longer which i am sure that it could when played live. Best i have heard in a long time!!!

Very original, witty and catchy piece with really good instrumentation and arrangement.

cool tune, very catchy. great foot tappin ditty.
real good country feel.
good commercial quality.
hoping you get a few bites on this tune.
lotta chicken joints that could use a good music spot

Hilarious! Totally original!

Cracked me up. Fun family track. Excellent groove and lead vocal.

This is a very fun song.......

Great theme. I don't think chicken has ever been written about before. Pretty voice and good use of the male voice. I love the fiddle. Good stuff there. Great mix and production.

At least it has a theme

This was different. I liked it! I like the lyrics, arrangements, instrumentation and definitely the originality. It was fun to listen too! Great job!

THis is really FUN, and CLEVER!! All the lyrics are great but the end is especially humorous. The melody, arrangement and vocal all work great for the mood and content of the song. GREAT STUFF!!!

Loved it. All instruments were great

What a fun song. I really loved the harmonica. This would be a really good children's song. It was a silly, forget your problems kind of song, with a catchy melody and great hook. Good job.

Fun - Uptempo - Specific - Good pickers [ and pluckers ] Decent vocals

Nice voice and instrumentals and who doesn't love chicken?

Neat song!!! Good vocals. The rhythm is very good. I like the harmonica. The recording is very well done. The backup vocals are very good. Nice job!!!!

It's all good. It's a great chicken song... Keep it as is

This is a fun song.

Okay for a novelty tune. Cute.

I love the drum intro and the harmonica as well - the female lead vocals are wonderful - very tasty lyrics.

An original song about chicken. Well performed and recorded.

Good fun song, should be on the radio to put a smile on some faces, but who is going to take a chance on it. I like it, nothing to knock here. Keep 'em smiling.

This was an original song for sure!

What a singer. Great rocking band / arrangement... did I mention great vocal?

Very cute song, unique and fun. Keep it up

I wouldn't want to be chicken either, YIKES! This song is a lot of fun with light hearted humor, it should find a nice somewhere just for it's unique quality. Singer has a good quality, and performs with excellent vocal pitch.

Very original idea and lyrics.

very might be on to something

Lyrics Kate Carpenter Music Kate Carpenter
Producer Jamie DeFrates Publisher Kate Carpenter
Performance Kate Carpenter Label Kate Carpenter
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