Yes Lord

Story Behind The Song

I thought my life was my own. I didn't think I had to follow through with what God had planned for me to do. Through trial and error, heartache and pain, but so happy I'm still here to talk about. Now whatever it is that God has asked of me, my answer is Yes!

Song Description

Life, Health and strength is in the hands of the most high God. All the silver and the gold belongs to Him. He made everything and He made us. When anyone can sit and think about the goodness and the greatness of God, it's so simple to just say Yes. Compared to everything God has done for us, He ask so little of us in return. Love thy neighbor as thyself and you will have fulfilled the whole law.

Song Length 4:43 Genre Pop - Religious, Unique - Gospel
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Cheerful Language English
Era 2000 and later


Written and Performed by Ellen Hayes
Background vocals and arrangement by Ellen Hayes
Music by Michael Mindingall
Produced and Recorded by Michael Mindingall

When I think of His goodness, and everything He's done for me, my heart rejoice and I wanna say yes, yes Lord
I may not know what He's brought you through, but if you think about it you gotta say it too
So no matter what H ask the answer is yes, yes Lord
Yes- I'll do your will, Yes- I'll take the back seat so you can guide the wheel
Whatever you want Lord the answer is yes, yes Lord (repeat)

He's the giver of life, He paid the ultimate price. He marched up that hill on His own free will, He made that sacrifice
He took away our excuses, when He died to make us free, so we should be happy He gave us the victory
Yes- I'll do your will, Yes- I'll take the back seat so you can guide the wheel
Whatever you want Lord the answer is yes, yes Lord (repeat)
When I fall down on my knees, I say father help me please
I only want to do your will, you can see what I can't see
Cause all I want to do, is live my life to please you
So what ever you want the answer is Yes Lord, Yes, Lord
Back to Chorus
Ending Help me say Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Yeah (repeat)
say whatever you want Lord the answer is Yes Lord, Yes Lord

Wow, what a great spiritual/motivational vibe this song has. It's all about saying YES to the Lord, letting Him take the wheel. I love the simplicity of the message and the hook is catchy and just rocks from start to finish. This is a really great gospel song! Lead vocal is flawless, backed up by tight harmonies/background vocals. I was totally enthralled with this piece from start to finish. Bravo and praise the Lord! Whoever produced and mixed this knew what he/she was doing bigtime.

Lyrics Ellen Hayes Music Michael Mindingall
Producer Michael Mindingall Publisher none
Performance Ellen Hayes Label none
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Pop - Religious #7
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Cindy Tuttle My Top Songs 2/18/2017
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Yes Lord

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