I Tried Him for myself

Story Behind The Song

After trying a number of options, I found myself really getting acquainted with God. I become to know who He is and what He could do. Sometimes no matter how a person is raised or how strong they feel their faith is, there will come a time when your faith is tested, and you're gonna have to stand for yourself one day, without mother, father, relatives and friends. God will be there if you just give him a chance.

Song Description

This song has energy. You can exercise to it,sit and listen to, although, you will be moving or tapping your feet to the catchy tune. I've had people to call me and was singing the song back to me. The tune and the lyrics are infectious. you will definitely have it on repeat, I guarantee it!

Song Length 3:51 Genre R & B - Religious, R & B - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Joyful Subject Excitement, Religion
Similar Artists Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin Language English
Era 2000 and later


I Tried Him for Myself
Verse 1
I had some problems and didn't know what to do
I was searching and searching trying to find, A way to get through
So I went on my knees and I prayed, (I tried Him)
Cause He promised He'd make a way yeah (I tried Him)
And everything that He said He would do, every word of it was true (I tried Him for myself 4x's)
Cause I had to try Him for myself, I had to try Jesus, I had to try Him for myself
Verse 2
We have all had problems, (had problems) and you know that it's true (that it's true)
But over and over you've proven to me, there's no one that can compare to Thee
That's why, why I can say (I tried Him) I tried Him and He made a way yeah I tried Him)
I believed in my heart and I kept the faith and I , (I tried Him for myself 4x's)
Yes I did, yes I did, I tried Him, somebody told me about the man named Jesus but I had to get to know Him, get to know Him for yourself today I encourage you, He'll make a way
Oh yes He will, Oh yes He will yeah, yeah and you can't make me doubt Him, cause
I know, know to much about Him cause I
I tried Him for myself 4x's
I tried Him 7x's
Picked me up, turned me around, placed my feet, on a solid ground 2x
I tried Him for myself 4x's
I tried Him 7x's

Lyrics Ellen Hayes Music Sean Hardin
Producer Sean Hardin/Carlos Gunn Publisher Benefit Concert Group
Performance Ellen Hayes & Harmonee Label True Inspirations Music Group
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