Totally Free

Story Behind The Song

Ever since I was a little girl coming up in my Dad's church

Song Description

No one should have to go through loops and bounds for salvation when it is free. One just need to accept Christ as their own Savior and they can be free.

Song Length 3:59 Genre Pop - Religious, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Passive Subject Spirituality, Freedom
Language English Era 2000 and later


Totally Free
Written and Performed by Ellen Hayes
Vocal background and arrangements by Ellen Hayes
Music by Michael Mindingall
Produced and Recorded by Michael Mindingall
Free, totally free. Free got to be, totally free
I don't want someone to speak smooth things to me
I don't want to hear a sermon that I cannot see
I don't want someone to try to show me away that's so complicated it's impossible to be
Back ground
If you believe, you can be free. If you believe, you can be free, totally free
I wanna know about this Man that came from Galilee
I hear He's the only one that make my soul free
And they said it doesn't matter what I've done or where I've been
His precious blood can cleanse me deep down within
If you believe, you can be free. If you believe, you can be free totally
I heard He gave His life to redeem me, so nothing on earth can hold me down now
You see He loosed the shackles that had me bound
Now I can live my life abundantly and totally free yea, yea
Now I believe, I'm totally free

Very pleasant gospel song to listen to. Love those background vocals. I love this kind of gospel music, but I have ask...were you holding back for too long? I like the improv at the end and I was wishing it wasn't fading out because that's when you started really cranking it out and it was what I was waiting for and wanting to hear.

Lyrics Ellen Hayes Music Michael Mindingall
Producer Ellen Hayes/Michael Mindingall Publisher ASCAP/ Ellen Hayes
Performance Ellen Hayes Label Tate Music Group
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