MY Friend

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song because everybody needs a friend they can count on. Whether it is God, Father, Husband, a brother, a son or whomever it may be. There is someone we count on when the chips are down, to pick us up again.

Song Description

This song is about the God that I serve. Someone else told me they dedicated it to their dad. Another said they played the song at their wedding when the bride came down the aisle because that is what her husband to be meant to her. A friend can be anyone that you have total trust and confidence in and they will in turn have your back any day of the week.

Song Length 4:58 Genre Unique - Gospel, Unique - Unclassified
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Pleased Subject Friendship, Unrequited Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


Before I knew myself he was there for me with him in my life it means so much to me
Sometimes I stumbled along the way but he was right there making sure I'm ok
Everywhere I go and everywhere I may be I have the confidence my friend is with me
He's my friend, He's with me till the end, he's my friend he's the only one I can depend
He's my friend he's with me till the end. Closer than any brother, no need to look for another
When I'm in trouble whether day or night I can call on him he'll make everything alright
I never worry if I'm asking too much he says you're my child and I'll embrace his touch
I can feel his angels like a summer breeze wrapping their wings all around me
Back to chorus
I'll hold on to his hand and I'll never let it go I want him beside me don't ever want to walk alone
Some say I'm crazy cause I feel this way but they wasn't there for me when he saved me that day
He's proven himself to be a better friend than anyone has been to me
Back to chorus

Here's a really pretty song about an intimate relationship with Jesus, praising and extolling Him for being the artist's friend. The high point/very best song of this is the soulful vocal which truly expresses love for Jesus. Man this lady can SING! I love the key change and the emotional build. My favorite rhyme: way/okay. Also like the summer breezes and angels lyric. Beautiful background vocals. Great mix and production. Nice job!

Passionate vocal. Good musicianship. Liked the choir late on.

Sound great! very positive

Lyrics Ellen Hayes Music Michael Mindingall
Producer Ellen Hayes/Michael Mindingall Publisher ASCAP/ Ellen Hayes
Performance Ellen Hayes Label Tate Music Group
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Bailey Productions inspired 11/7/2013

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